Harish Kapadia

AFTER the bumper Golden Jubilee issue Himalayan Journal is settling down. One of the prime concerns was to publish 'on time' to ensure topicality. This has been marginally possible thanks to many willing contributors. Response has been generous and quick. This is a fair indication of the recognition of the journal as the foremost work of reference on Himalaya which it has always been since inception.

A large credit for maintaining this reputation is due to Soli Mehta. For the last 12 years and 8 issues he kept it at its best at some of the most difficult periods of the Club. It speaks volumes for his dedication that some of the effort was almost singlehanded. It is always hard to take over from an energetic editor like Soli. Many grateful thanks to him for his guidance, notes and the continued keen interest. The Assistant Editor R. E. Hawkins with his experience in printing has been largely responsible for setting up firm traditions of production. Without his backing I would certainly have been hard pressed.

The present volume contains a fairly wide variety, both in coverage of regions as well as in writing. The American ascent of K2, a light-hearted account of rather a serious, attempt on Nanda Devi, Pliawararang, Himalchuli, Noshaq. Among the noteworthy inclusions are 'Ballad of Bethartoli' and a full list of ascents of peaks above 8000 m. A new section 'Illustrated Notes' is introduced where a picture or a sketch tells the story of a venture in a nutshell. This will allow for a wider coverage.

With so much happening it was difficult to keep a track of events. I am particularly grateful to Prof. Ardito Desio, Sudhir Sahi and Mike Cheney for gathering material. Other Local Hon. Secretaries and M. C. Motwani of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation have been helpful with information. Also thanks to Edward Pyatt, Editor, The Alpine Journal for permission to reprint. Kanu Pomal has looked after the photographs.

A consolidated index of Vol. I to XXXV, representing the first 50 years of the Club and the Golden Age of Himalayan climbing, has been prepared by the ever-energetic D. F. O. Dangar. This will help many readers, researchers and planners for reference to back issues. Interested persons should contact Hon. Secretary.

Lastly I would request contributions from members of the Club and others about their ventures, ecology, mountain philosophy or science related to Himalaya. It is your interest and love for the mountains that has kept us going and we are certainly interested in it in full measure.

Harish Kapadia


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