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The Himalayan Journal

The Himalayan Club E-Letter Vol. 46 (July 2023)

The Himalayan Journal was started to carry expedition reports and articles about the Himalaya. Volume 1 appeared in April 1929 with Major Kenneth Mason as the editor. He remained editor for 12 years till 1940 when WWII made it impossible to continue functioning. In the issue for 1940, Maj. Mason wrote:

“As may readily be imagined, The Himalayan Journal has been edited and published this year under considerable difficulty and great pressure of other work. Some papers have had to be held over until 1941. There is little time in England now for anything but concentration on the task of ridding the world of the disgusting cruelty and sadistic brutality of the creed which permeates Hitler’s Germany.”


The Himalayan Club E-Letter Vol. 45 (Sep 2022)

The Himalayan Club annually publishes The Himalayan Journal and The Himalayan Club Newsletter. Between them they cover mountaineering and related activities in the Himalaya. Now with the availability of electronic media and its quick reach this is the first “E-Letter” sent to members and others. This will be ultimately posted on the Himalayan Club website for a permanent record. In the “E-Letter” series we intend to cover activities of the Himalayan Club members with other topical news.

Over the years, The Himalayan Club has also published some significant books, ranging from ‘Exploring the Hidden Himalaya’, a compilation of essays by eminent writers, ‘A Passage to Himalaya’ which contains some of the finest articles from The Himalayan Journal, to specific subjects such as one on environment protection, another on high altitude ailments and how to stay safe from them, and most recently a book on the legendary maps of THC. There is also a collector’s volume of The Himalayan Journal published in the 90th year of THC and most recently the special 75th Volume.

Our publications are listed below:

  1. Exploring the Hidden Himalayas
  2. A Passage to Himalaya
  3. Environmental Protection of the Himalaya – A Mountaineer’s view  : Aamir Ali
  4. Healthy in the High Himalaya
  5. Legendary Maps from the Himalayan Club
  6. Handbook of High Altitude MEdicine on Himalayan Treks & Expeditions (CD)- Dr Raghunath Godbole
  7. Planning an Expedition 
  8. The Garhwal Kumaon Himalayas