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Activities at Present

  1. THC Sections (chapters) are all over India and in several countries of the world. There are about 30 Hon Secretaries – 20 abroad and 10 in India – who are attached to their respective sections.
  2. Monetary sponsorship is awarded to:
    1. Candidates completing the mountaineering courses conducted by the various recognized mountaineering institutes.
    2. Social causes related to the Himalaya.
  3. The Himalayan Journal is published every year – this is dispatched to all members. Non-members can purchase copies online.
  4. The Himalayan Club E-letter is published every quarter that goes to members and others on the mailing list. THC’s website uploads electronic copies of the Journal.
  5. THC regularly conducts talks, seminars and film festivals which are very popular with the outdoors fraternity.
  6. THC has three awards:
    1. The Himalayan Club Kekoo Naoroji Award for Excellence in Mountain Literature.
    2. The Garud Medal for exemplary support staff for Himalayan expeditions.
    3. The JCN award for Excellence in Mountaineering (not necessarily for making it to the summit).
  7. THC has libraries in the following locations:
    1. Delhi
    2. Mumbai
    3. Pune
    4. Kolkata
  1. The following social initiatives have been undertaken:
    1. The Ladakh Initiative that was set up to help villages affected by a cloud-burst.
    2. The Himalayan Club Disaster Relief Fund which is meant for any natural disasters or ‘acts of god’ that negatively impact the Himalayan people.
    3. The Sherpa Project which is documenting the oral histories of The Climbing Sherpas of Darjeeling.
    4. The “Anand Ram Fund’ which has been set up to help the family of a porter who died in an accident.
    5. The Aspie Moddie Welfare Fund which donates a sum to a deserving family of a support staff who has lost his life or means of livelihood due to an accident on the mountains or a mountain village or community that has been affected by natural disaster.
  2. THC initiates and collaborates in projects in the areas of environmental concerns and socio-political concerns.
  3. Training, safety and outdoor leadership programmes are regularly conducted.
  4. THC has contour maps that are available for reference only, to teams planning Himalayan ventures.
  5. THC supports/ sponsors Himalayan expeditions, including peak climbing expeditions, without any financial or administrative commitment. There is a process by which each such request is scrutinized to see aspects like team capability vis-à-vis technical difficulty of the terrain/peak, etc. Aspects like equipment, fund-raising and logistics are a responsibility of the individual team.