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Kaivan Mistry Memorial Lecture

Kaivan Mistry Memorial Lecture

Kaivan Mistry, born in Mumbai on 17 September 1968, became one of Bombay’s most respected theatre light designers. But mountains were his first love. Kaivan was an avid trekker in the Western Ghats and a regularly seen at the rocks around Bombay. In 1989 Kaivan undertook his first trek to the Himalaya, to the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal. This stoked his love for the mountains and he continued his tryst with the Himalayas over the years.

Kaivan himself made the first ascents of Mangala (5800 m), Saponang (5836 m) and Ghunsarang (5800 m). He was a good climber but never over-ambitious. He enjoyed going slow and steady, relishing the views and clicking away with his camera. Kaivan meanwhile became an active part of the team that produced The Himalayan Journal and was responsible for indexing of the Journal for a few volumes.

In 2000, Kaivan had injured a ligament in his ankle just a few weeks before he was to leave for the Karakoram. Determined as he was, Kaivan exercised and nursed his ankle back to shape and went off on the Indo-French Expedition to Rimo IV. The team reached the historic Karakoram Pass (5569 m), Col Italia and explored the Central Rimo glacier systems. On 25 September 2000 on their return, while crossing the swollen Shyok river near Gapshan, tragedy struck. Kaivan slipped and fell into the river and lost his life.

His parents, Pola and Burjor Mistry donated a fund in his memory with specific instructions that the interest received must be utilized by the Club for conducting talks, lectures, slide shows, film shows etc on Himalaya and similar educational programmes. Thus was born The Kaivan Mistry Memorial Lecture Series.

Since 2003, this event is organized annually, usually delivered by a notable speaker invited from abroad at the Annual Seminar celebrations of THC.

Kaivan Mistry (1968-2000)
Kaivan Mistry   |   1968-2000

Past Speakers

Robert Pettigrew
2003   |   Robert Pettigrew

Training & Other Aspects of the Himalayas

Roger Payne
2004   |   Roger Payne

Climbing on K2 and in the Hispar & Baltoro Valleys

John Jackson
2005   |  John Jackson

Himalayan Roundabout

Victor Saunders
2006   |  Victor Saunders

My Life as a Mountaineer

Harish Kapadia
2007   |   Harish Kapadia

The Dibang Valley – The Promised Land of Shangrila

Malli Mastan Babu
2007   |  Malli Mastan Babu

An Inspiring Saga of India’s Fastest 7 Summiteer in the World

Mark Richey
2008   |  Mark Richey

Climbing Latok Peak and other Mountains of the Karakoram in Pakistan in 2007

Bernadette McDonald
2009   |  Bernadette McDonald

Brotherhood of the Rope

Col Tony Streather
2009   |  Col Tony Streather

Tragedy on Haramosh

Nicholas Clinch
2010   |  Nicholas Clinch

The first ascent of Masherbrum in the Karakorams

Krzyztof Wielicki
2011   |  Krzyztof Wielicki

Crown of the Himalaya ( 14 x 8000 )

Divyesh Muni
2011   |   Divyesh Muni

In Search of a Hidden Peak

Peter Habeler
2012   |  Peter Habeler

The Summit is the Goal

Pat Morrow
2013   |  Pat Morrow

Quest for the Seven and a Half Summits

Marko Prezelj
2014   |  Marko Prezelj

Based on a True Story

Lindsay Griffin
2015   |  Lindsay Griffin

Escape from Mongolia

Martin Moran
2016   |  Martin Moran

30 years of Exploration in the Indian Himalayas

Leo Houlding
2017   |  Leo Houlding

Vertical Adventures

Mick Fowler
2018   |  Mick Fowler

The Tribulations of Mick & Vic

Peter Van Geit
2019   |  Peter Van Geit

Trans Himachal 2018

Joanna Croston
2020   |  Joanna Croston

Life in the Mountains

Bernadette McDonald
2021 | Bernadette McDonald

Winter 8000

Dr Harshwanti Bisht
2022 | Dr Harshwanti Bisht

Climate change in the Himalayan landscape and the conservation efforts in the Gangotri – Gaumukh region

Karn Kowshik
2023 | Karn Kowshik

Ice Climbing in India