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Arun Samant Memorial Lecture

Arun Samant Memorial Lecture

Arun Samant, a structural engineer (MTech Mumbai IIT) by profession, was well known in mountaineering circles for well-planned expeditions to unexplored Himalayan regions, and climbs of un-attempted Himalayan peaks. During almost 30 years, he climbed more than 25 major peaks, led climbing expeditions to Spiti valley, Lingti valley and others and participated in the first civilian – India British Expedition to Siachen Glacier (1985). He has documented his expeditions and has published articles in the Himalayan Journal and Alpine Journal. These serve as authentic reference materials for mountaineers world-wide. His contribution in finally making The Tata Everest India 98 Expedition a success is acknowledged by all those who were involved in that particular project.

As treasurer and then secretary of The Himalayan Club, he devoted his energy and talent to the service of the Club. He sketched maps for articles of the Himalayan Journal, and books such as Trek the Sahyadri and Exploring the Hidden Himalaya. He was always accessible and ready to guide and encourage young mountaineers about to embark on their maiden ventures. His own preference in the last few years of his life tended more towards small expeditions to areas with untapped potential, like the Losar, Lingti and Chango valleys. And during the course of these trips he flowered and matured to his full potential as a leader, a mountaineer, a photographer and a writer. Many issues of The Himalayan Journal would be that much poorer without his meticulously executed sketch maps that accompanied many of the articles.

His warmth, generosity and commitment to projects he was involved in, were qualities which endeared him to all those who came in contact with him.

So, during the 75th anniversary celebrations of The Himalayan Club, in consultation with Arun’s wife Geeta, the Club decided to start this series, in memory of Arun. Ever since 2004 this has given a great platform for Indian mountaineers to present their mountaineering attempts and interact with each other.

Arun Samant (1948-1999)
Arun Samant   |   1948-1999

Year 2004

Col Ashok Abbey: First Indian Ascent of Lhotse and Everest Golden Jubilee Climb.

Year 2005

  1. Cdr Satyabrata Dam: Extremists to the Extremities
  2. Urmi Popat: Arctic & Antarctic- Journeys to the Extremities of the earth
  3. Divyesh Muni: Footloose in Spiti
  4. Anand Palande: My Wandering in the Sahyadri forts
  5. Harish Kapadia: The Three Tibets
  6. Surendra Chauhan: My Journey into the Mountains
  7. Suresh Phansare: Suli Top
  8. Hemant Thete: Phawararang
  9. Sachin Shinde: Baan Pinnacle

Year 2007

  1. Divyesh Muni: Planning of a Himalayan Expedition (GPS & Map Reading)
  2. Bhishmaraj Bam: Team Building & Overcoming Adversities for a Successful Himalayan Expedition
  3. Harish Kapadia: Future Climbing Possibilities in the Himalaya
  4. Dr R Godbole: Prevention & Treatment of High-Altitude Sickness & other Medical Problems on Himalayan Expeditions
  5. Maninder Kohli: Photography
  6. Mohit Oberoi: New Trends in Mountaineering Equipment
  7. Vineeta Muni: Food for Thought (Mountains)

Year 2008

  1. Giripremi: Shivling Expedition film
  2. Harish Kapadia: Into the Lohit Valley, Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Naresh Shingrupe: Ascent of Mukut Parvat East
  4. Hement Thete: On Lamkhaga Pass
  5. Divyesh Muni: The Indian American Expedition to Chong Kundan

Year 2009

  1. Dr Geeta Samant: My Himalayan Journey Inspired by Arun
  2. Chinmoy Chakrabarti: Gaddis of Gadderan – The magnificent children of the Himalaya
  3. Karamjeet Singh film: 80 Years on Top
  4. Maninder Kohli: Baraadsar Lake
  5. Dr R Godbole: Photographing 8 Eight-Thousanders and 7 Seven-Thousander
  6. Dr Neelam Kolte: Trek to Nandadevi Sanctuary in Sep 2006
  7. Dr Ravi Mariwala: City Slickers in Himalaya
  8. Vineeta & Divyesh Muni: Inspirations of the Himalaya
  9. Deepak Bhimani: A Journey through Tibet

Year 2010

Banff Mountain Film Festival films were screened.

Year 2011

  1. Sameer Kelkar: Himalayan Traverse
  2. Harish Kapadia: Looking for Kangto
  3. Tanil Kilachand, Deepak Bhimani & Jaysinh Mariwala: Har Ki Doon valley
  4.  Rajesh Gadgil: Tragedy at Tinchenkhang
  5.  Ashutosh Mishra: Retracing the Footsteps of Frank Smythe

Year 2012

Details not available.

Year 2013

  1. Anindya Mukherjee: Zemu Gap from South
  2. Col Anil Goth: Ascent of Apsarasas

Year 2014

  1. Gp Capt VK Sashindran: Explorations & Climbs in Rongdo Valley
  2. Dhruv Joshi: Climbing Kuchela Dhura
  3. Ashutosh Mishra: Jadung Valley Exploration
  4. Partha Sarathi Moulik: First Crossing of the Chaukhamba Col
  5. Film: The Swiss Machine – Uli Steik
  6. Dr Manoj Kamdar & Harish Kapadia: Bara Banghal & Chota Banghal

Year 2015

3 Day Residential Workshop: Planning an Expedition

Faculty: Divyesh Muni, Rajesh Gadgil, Vineeta Muni, Kaizad Capadia, Bhishmaraj Bam, Dr. Raghunath Godbole, Umesh Zirpe & Nandini Purandare

Year 2016

  1. Debabrata Mukherjee: Bhagirathi III Expedition
  2. Divyesh Muni: Rong Kharu & Sagtopa Glacier
  3. Giripremi: Peak 5260
  4. Sahyadri Adventure Club: Mt Menthosa Expedition

Year 2017

  1. Rohit Bhat: Crossing Ralam Dhura in the footsteps of W H Murray
  2. Maj Jay Prakash: Indian Army Mt ThalaySagar (6940m) Expedition 2016
  3. Kulbhushan Singh Suryawanshi: My Quest for the Snow Leopard – Ten Years of Explorations in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh
  4. Sonali Bhatia & Kersi Dastur: Our trek to Auden’s Col
  5. Anindya Mukherjee: A Journey from Imagination to Exploration

Year 2018

  1. Anindya Mukherjee: Alps, Himalaya and the Quest for Alpinism
  2. Prashant (Kiki) Mathawan: The Kingdoms of the Punjab Himalaya
  3. Divyesh Muni: Explorations & Climbs in Eastern Karakoram

Year 2019

  1. Dr. Yash Veer Bhatnagar: Himalayan Exploration and Conservation – From Kajinag To Namdapha
  2. Harshad Rao: Kangchenjunga Expedition 2018 – The Reach from the Top of the World
  3. Anil Retawade: Expedition to Saser Kangri IV in Eastern Karakoram
  4. Rijul Gill: Exploring the Hidden Gems of Himachal
  5. Narender Kumar Gautam: The Trans-Himalayan Scooterist

Year 2020

  1. Dr. Madhubala Joshi-Chinchalkar: Amazing Antarctica
  2. Peter Van Geit: Trans Himalaya 2019 – Across 120 high altitude passes
  3. Anindya Mukherjee: The Challenge of Nanda Devi East (7434m)

Year 2022

  1. Rohit Vartak: First Indian ascent of Shoshala
  2. Sheetal Raj: First Indian Ascent of Cheepaydang-All women expedition

Year 2023

  1. Anindya Mukherjee: Sunderdhunga Khal : Ascent from the South
  2. Debasish Acharyya: Vishnu Garh Dhar Exploration