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The Membership

The Membership

Categories of Membership

Ordinary Members

Individuals resident in India or other countries can apply for Annual Membership of the Club, duly proposed by one and seconded by another existing Member of the Club. Members thus approved by the Balloting Committee of the Managing Committee have full voting rights and can attend the AGM, subject to payment of annual subscription. These members receive a copy of The Himalayan Journal.

Life Members

Individuals can also pay a one-time Life Membership fee and choose to join the Club as Life Members, subject to their application being duly proposed by one and seconded by another existing Member of the Club and the same being approved by the Managing Committee. Life Members have the same rights as Ordinary Members.


Individuals resident in India can also join the Club as Associates on an Annual subscription basis. They however, will not have any voting rights.

Honorary Members

The Managing Committee may also invite an eminent person whom the Club wishes to honour by reason of some achievement in the objects for which the Club is established, to become an Honorary Member, and the Managing Committee may also withdraw the privilege of such membership from any Honorary Member.

HC Membership

The Managing Committee of the Club shall have the power to invite any prominent person as a Patron of the Club if it thinks fit to do so.


The Managing Committee may invite any Association/ Institution and/or Body/ Corporate, which are interested in promoting and furthering the objects of the Club to become Affiliate Members.

Fee Structure & Benefits of Membership

Please note:

  • Entrance Fees are applicable for Ordinary Membership and Life Membership, and at the time of Membership application only.
  • Currency: for Indian residents only; £ for UK residents only; $ for rest of the countries.
  • GST is applicable only to the Indian resident members. Applicable rate of GST is 18%.
Brief Type/ Period Fees GST 18% Total Payable
Ordinary Membership
Free access to all Himalayan Club events with free copy of The Himalayan Journal, THC E-letter and other publications. Entrance Fee
₹ 300
£ 30

$ 45
Every Year
₹ 1,000
£ 60

$ 75
₹ 234 (For First Year)
₹ 180 (For Renewal)
₹ 1,534 (For First Year)
₹ 1,180 (For Renewal)
£ 90 (For First Year)
£ 60 (For Renewal)
$ 120 (For First Year)
$ 75 (For Renewal)
Life Membership
Free access to all Himalayan Club events and THC E-letter Entrance Fee
₹ 300
£ 30
$ 45
Every Year
₹ 10,000
£ 600
$ 750
₹ 1,854
₹ 12,154
£ 630
$ 795
Subscription for five issues of The Himalayan Journal for Life Members.  (To be subscribed separately. Not included in Lifetime Membership fees) Every 5 years ₹ 2,000
£ 125
$ 160
Not applicable ₹ 2,000
£ 125
$ 160
Associate Membership
Only for Indian resident Not applicable ₹ 500 ₹ 90 ₹ 590
Institutional Affiliates
All publications sent complimentary One Time Fee ₹ 200,000
$ 10,000
₹ 36,000 ₹ 236,000
$ 10,000
Corporate Affiliates
All publications sent complimentary One Time Fee ₹ 500,000
$ 20,000
₹ 90,000 ₹ 590,000
$ 20,000

Additional Benefits

  1. Members have full access to the resources of the THC Library at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune.
  2. Members can access THC archival data and records for research and expedition planning.
  3. Members can utilize the office at Mumbai for organizing pre-expedition meets, illustrated talks/ discussions for small gatherings.
  4. Members can avail various Sponsorship/ Grants instituted by the Club. For more details, Click here.
  5. Access to on-going discounts/ offers on areas of interest: outdoor gear, books & magazines
  6. Invitation to join various THC programmes related to mountaineering/ trekking and safety.

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