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Rules, Guidelines and Disclaimer

Rules, Guidelines and Disclaimer for The Himalayan Club’s FB Group

This Group is for you to share your personal experiences, photographs, articles, information, news and views on the Himalaya. This is a group of The Himalayan Club

Your compliance of the guidelines, helps to keep the group focussed and clean and this contributes to the immense success of the group in every way.

Please READ and FOLLOW our guidelines before posting.


  1. Nothing commercial. Sharing from commercial pages, groups and other groups similar to ours is not allowed. Personal blogs are allowed.
  2. Nothing porn, abusive, rude, sarcastic.
  3. Nothing downloaded. We do not welcome any downloaded content. Still if you must share, it is required that you give upfront credit to the original photographer/source. Unless otherwise mentioned clearly, it is presumed that the photograph belongs to you.
  4. Nothing Non-Himalaya.
  5. Nothing with people pictures. We are seriously committed to protect the privacy of children, young girls, women and everyone else. No selfies and family albums. No recognisable faces. Occasionally, Admins do allow some people pictures, where the human element is not the main focus and is contributing to the scenario or some culrtural event.
  6. Nothing sensitive military.
  7. Maximum two pictures per day, including images inside albums and shares.
  8. Must give location, a brief narrative, month & year. No guessing games.
  9. For disputed areas, DO NOT mention country. See our policy below.
  10. Nothing about drugs/psychotropic substances.
  11. For rule 1, 2 & 10, we ban members at sight. Breach of any guideline may invite deletion of the post and/or removal from the group.
    • Please look up the guidelines if you find your post is missing. Given the large volume of posts and our small Admin team, we are unable to communicate with you individually or caution you or message you.
    • At times, Admins override the rules as per their discretion and such decisions are final.
    • The Admins are volunteers and are human, with no hidden agenda.
    • We expect our guidelines to be followed in true spirit.
    • Suggestions are welcome.
    • If a post disagrees with you, please make your point politely and move on.

Policy of the Club on posts regarding areas of territorial disputes:

We do not agree with, nor endorse, any posts of areas occupied/ claimed by other entities, but which originally belong to India. The external boundaries of India as depicted in such posts are neither correct nor authentic. The Himalayan Club reiterates it’s apolitical nature and celebrates the Himalaya across boundaries.

  • The Himalayan Club is a legal entity, registered in India and we will abide by the laws of our land and will uphold it’s integrity.
  • The Club will not indulge in the politics of international borders, territorial claims etc.
  • With regard to disputed territories, members will NOT mention name of the country in the location of the image, nor in the comments, articles or explanations thereof.
  • So if it is Kashmir, let’s agree to simply call it Kashmir and not Azad or AJK and NOT mention the country.
  • This is without prejudice to the claims of any country and the actual position on the ground.
  • Please cooperate to keep the group apolitical and free from any friction. We wholeheartedly welcome all posts pertaining to the Himalaya. Let’s enjoy the beautiful Himalayan spirit!


  • Posts made by members are NOT endorsed NOR verified by the Himalayan Club or the Admins, in any manner whatsoever.
  • The Himalayan Club simply provides a platform, for healthy exchange of information and ideas regarding the Himalaya, among the members.
  • No editorial control is sought to be exercised by the club.
  • All views expressed, are of the members, in their individual capacity and not of the Club.
  • Members alone are responsible for the content, authenticity and implications of their posts.

Please Note:

  • Breach of any guideline invites removal from the group.
  • Admin discretion is final.
  • Your joining/ continuing as a member of this group implies your consent to the rules/ guidelines/ disclaimer/ note given above.

Thank you. Enjoy the Himalaya…

(Updated: 14th April 2016.)