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THC Ice Climbing Workshop – Nubra Valley Feb 2023

THC Ice Climbing Workshop – Nubra Valley Feb 2023


    On the cutting edge of climbing lies the cold world of winter climbing, where your fingers and toes become useless, and the mental game takes precedence. This winter, learn the fine art and precise science of winter climbing in the picturesque Nubra Valley in Ladakh, with India’s foremost alpinists and Mountain Guides.
Course Overview : This course will focus on Water Ice Climbing, where we use crampons and ice tools to ascent frozen waterfalls. While learning the basic techniques of Ice Climbing, you will also learn and practice basic ropework, multi-pitch climbing on ice and rock, gear selection strategies, clothing & layering systems, safety and basic self rescue.

Who can participate : The course is aimed at both beginner climbers who have never touched ice, rock climbers who want to extend their skills to the winter and beginner to intermediate alpinists and aspirants.
Individuals who do not want to participate in ice-climbing but just wish to experience the winters in Ladakh or accompany their family members are also welcome to join and indulge in some unique experiences.

Dates : 15 Feb 2023 to 28 Feb 2023  ( ex-Leh)

Grade: Moderate 

Weather :Expect day time temperatures to drop below freezing.

Programme details :  Click here  THC Ice Climbing Workshop-Nubra Feb 2023

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