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Rebuild Ladakh Initiative

Rebuild Ladakh Initiative

Support to the villages

All the houses that were taken up for repair / rebuild / extension have been completed.  The construction is completed and the amounts paid for the material used.  Each house now has an additional room that serves as a home-stay facility to trekkers. This brings in much needed income to the villagers.

Children’s Hostel Leh

A children’s hostel in Leh was devastated during the floods.  The entire school was inundated and tons of mud and silt had covered the area.  The boundary wall was broken and the toilet block was completely destroyed.  The two ambulances used by the hostel for the students were also damaged. The Club supported the hostel to clean up the premises, repair the boundary wall, rebuild the toilet block and repair the ambulances.  The Hostel is fully operational and no further assistance is now required.The Managing Committee of the Hostel has expressed gratitude to the Club for assistance and support provided.

Ladakh Institute of Prevention

The Club has also supported the establishment of Ladakh Institute of Prevention an institute doing commendable work in medical assistance / research / prevention and healthcare in Ladakh.