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Mumbai Section of the Himalayan Club

THC, Mumbai Section which has the added advantage of housing the Club Centre- The HQs of the Club, is one of the active Sections of the Club and organizes several interesting activities throughout the year.

The Mumbai Section hosts a series of interesting illustrated talks, workshops and film screenings generally from Sep – Jan every year including the Arun Samant Memorial Lecture Series which always attracts a full house. The Mumbai screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival is an eagerly awaited annual event. Other film festivals like the IMF Mountain Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival are also hosted regularly by the Mumbai Section.

The Section also lends its name to teams that wish to go on Himalayan expeditions, including peak climbing expeditions and has an ‘Expedition Assistance Committee’ to offer information and guidance to teams planning Himalayan ventures.

THC Library at Mahalaxmi has a vast collection of books and contour maps that are available for reference only to teams planning Himalayan ventures.

Ketan Jani, Hon. Local Secretary

Phone: +91 9967053000