The Warsaw Mountaineering Club's (P. T. T. K.) Expedition
(Translated by A. Kus.)

Members: M. Popko, M. Kolaezkowski, Z. Gmaj, W. Gorzko, J, S Graczyk, M. Mikolajczyk, W. Obojski, S. Saganek, K. Sierakowski and M, Sygowski.

Area: The primary objective was the exploration of the Pur wakshan valley in the middle of the Kobe Wakhan mountains (Pamir). On the return journey the region of Kohe Baba Tangi and Urgunte Payan valley in the Hindu Kush were visited.

The Base Camp was established at 4600 m. below the head of the main glacier or Purwakshal valley on 20 July 1975.


1. Pt. 5290 m.—W. Obojski and S. Saganek, first ascent 22 July.

2. Pt. 5325 m.—M. Mikolajczyk and M. Popko, first ascent 22 July.

3. Pt, 4922 m.—Z. Gmaj and M. Sygowski, first ascent, 23 July.

4. Pt. 5450 m—S. Graczyk, M. Kolaezkowski and W, Obojski, first ascent, 24 July.

5. Pt. 6080 m. (Kohe Purwakshan)—M. Mikolajczyk and M. Popko, first ascent; via SW spur and plateau to the main (E) summit-26 July.

6. Pt. 6110 m.—S. Graczyk, M. Kolaezkowski, W. Obojski and K. Sierakowski via the left side of the S-glacier and the W ridge; first ascent, 31 July; M. Mikolajczyk and M. Popko— 3 August.

7. Pt. 5544 m.—W. Gorzko, S. Saganek and M. Sygowski first ascent, 1 August.

8. Pt. ca. 5950 m.—M. Popko, first ascent; on the way to Pt. 6110, 3 August.


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