Harish Kapadia

SOMEONE can call this issue of the Himalayan Journal a family affair. Our Hon. librarian W. M. Aitken makes you ramble through the unique pages of the Club library and throws light on the mysterious Garhwal lake. Past Club President A. D. Moddie reflects on Zen and tames the 'tourist Mongol'. Our present President Col B. S. Sandhu led a giant extravaganza to Mana peak to select a few for Everest. I intruded to the world of Spiti and Kailash. Others have been active on Shishapangma, making a true first ascent of Kokthang and climbing Kishtwar Shivling. Gangotri glacier offered the best ascents on Bhagirathi I and III, Kirti Stambh and west peak of Shivling.

In the Karakorams traversing the Gasherbrums and filming the Route of Routes should be noteworthy. Both express a feeling which underlines the sensitivity of climbers for their mountains and friends alike. It is hoped that these 'family affairs' will be an interesting read for all.

The Club library boasts of many detailed personal accounts with pictures, specially written, bound and presented from various expeditions. Due to the limitations of space H.J. can carry only edited selections while these logs are a major source of reference. We would welcome such accounts from the present-day expeditioners to preserve for posterity.

For the past 25 years H.J. indexes were produced by D.F.O. Dangar, perhaps a record of some sort. Index to Vol. 39 is his last. It will be our endeavour to continue his meticulous standards while thanking him for this long honorary service.

Thanks are due to the editor of Mountain for the permission to reprint and also to all the young enthusiasts who chipped in with information, reviews and help in the final production. And finally as Dong Scott would say: 'Happy reading, youth !'

Harish Kapadia


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