The Forty-second Annual General Meeting was held at the Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Calcutta, on 29 December 1970, at 5.30 p.m. for the purpose of:


  1. Confirming the Minutes of the Forty-first Annual General Meeting held on 21 November 1969.
  2. Receiving the Committee's Report and Audited Accounts for the year ended 31 December 1969 and, if thought fit, passing them.
  3. Appointing Auditors for the year ending 31 December 1970 and fixing their remuneration.
  4. Electing Officers, Members of the Committee and Additional Members of the Balloting Committee and making other appointments. In accordance with Rule 34, the Committee proposed the following names:



President ... J. T. M. Gibson, Esq.
Vice-Presidents ... Gurdial Singh, Esq.
B. W. Ritchie, Esq.
Honorary Treasurer ... M. L. Saha, Esq.
Honorary Secretary ... S. S. Mehta, Esq.
Honorary Local Secretaries
Bombay ... ... M. H. Mehta, Esq.
Delhi ... ... N. D. Jayal, Esq.
Great Britain ... ... V. S. Risoe, Esq., M.B.E.
Japan ... ... Y. Mita, Esq.
Kathmandu ... ... M. J. Cheney, Esq.
Kulu ... ... J. Banon, Esq.
Pakistan ... ... Col. E. Goodwin
Switzerland ... ... E. A. Bolinder, Esq.
U.S.A ... ... Dr. S. Dillon Ripley


Members of Committee

F. C. Badhwar, Esq., O.B.E. M. H. Mehta, Esq.
T. H. Braham, Esq. K. K. Guha, Esq.
Comdr. M. S. Kohli P. J. Parr, Esq.
Lt.-Gen. Sir Harold Williams, K.B.E.


Additional Members of Balloting Committee

A. G. D. Madgavkar, Esq.
A. D. Moddie, Esq.
R. E. Hotz, Esq.


Other Appointments:

Honorary Editor ... S. S. Mehta, Esq.
Honorary Librarian
Honorary Equipment Officer
... K. K. Guha, Esq.



All papers intended for publication should be forwarded to S. S. Mehta, c/o A.C.C.I. Ltd., P.O. Rishra, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India.

It is requested that all articles be accompanied by sketch-maps (these should be clearly drawn in Indian ink) and photographs (half-plate size or larger, glossy, black-and-white) with captions clearly printed or attached at the back.

All material should be submitted before the end of December, in order to avoid delay in printing.


The only volumes now available for sale are Vols. XIX, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII and XXIX which are priced at Rs.10 per copy, post free, for members. These volumes can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary. Mr. V. S. Risoe also holds a few spare copies in London.


Responsibility for non-delivery of the Journal cannot be accepted if members do not notify their change of address. Considerable trouble is caused in readdressing Journals returned, and duplicate copies cannot be sent, except on payment.


Members are requested to notify the Hon. Secretary promptly of any change of address. If this Journal has not been correctly addressed, will you please advise the Hon. Secretary immediately of the alterations ?


Club ties made of Terylene are available with the Secretary at Rs.25 each. Stock of Terylene ties are also available with Mr. V. S. Risoe in London.


A new class of membership has been introduced for students. The Entrance Fee is Rs.10 and the Annual Subscription Rs.12. Application Forms can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary.


We gratefully acknowledge receipt during the year of the following Journals and publications in exchange of our Journal:

The Alpine Journal
The American Alpine Journal
The A.C.C. Newsletter
Sangaku (J.A.C.)
Ost. Alpenzeitung
Deutscher Alpenverein
La Montagne et Alpinisme
Revista Mensile del Club Alpino Italiano

The Canadian Alpine Journal
The New Zealand Alpine Journal
The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa
Mountaineering (Journal of the Br. Mountaineering Council)
La Montana, Argentine

The Appalachia Bulletin
Yama To Keikoku (Japan)
The Rucksack Club Journal
Cambridge Mountaineering
The Climbers' Club Journal
The Climbers' Club Bulletin (Bombay)

The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal
The Pinnacle Club Journal
The British Ski Year Book
Union Internationale des Associations of Alpimsme Bulletin
The Geographical Journal
The Geographical Review
Acta Geographica


Printed at the Baptist Mission Press, 41a Acharyya Jagadish Bose Road, Calcutta 17, India

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