A ‘new look ' has been attempted this time to bring it in line with other mountaineering journals of the world. We trust that this will be acceptable—the price has also been enhanced not only to make up for the extra expense but to adequately cover the rising cost of printing and raw materials.

My grateful thanks to all contributors who have gallantly responded with their articles—some at short notice and during a busy professional schedule. To my correspondents and friends— Dr. A. Diemberger, Dr. Anders Bolinder and Mr. Ichiro Yoshizawa —my special thanks for not only collecting articles on my behalf but supporting them with additional commentary and maps—the ‘4 Expedition and Notes' section has been compiled almost entirely by their contribution and those of Mike Cheney (Kathmandu), Kamal Guha (Calcutta) and Jagdish Nanavati (Bombay). I reserve my final thanks for Alan Blackshaw and Ted Pyatt, the past and present editors of the Alpine Journal whose generous use of blocks and reprinting facilities has enabled the Himalayan Journal to cover articles which have escaped the net

The editor can consider himself lucky to have included 34 articles—a number of them by kind permission of other mountaineering journals—he can also consider himself lucky to have roped in Mr. Kamal Kumar Guha as his assistant, translator, proof-reader and general adviser. The editor's life is hard; his secretary's life is harder, but the recompense lies in the final result and the joy and interest it generates in the reader. To the gallant team of dedicated men at the Baptist Mission Press should go all your praise for the excellent get-up.

Soli S. Mehta




  1. p. 9—Line 13—read ‘safety' for ‘safely’
  2. p. 49—Line 10—from bottom—read ‘moraine' for ‘morraine’
  3. p. 55—Regarding the location of the expedition: The Hindu Raj are an extension, to the east, of the main Hindu Kush range, i.e. the areas E. and NE. of Mastuj of which Yarkhun is the northern boundary. The Graz Expdn. were not in the Hindu Raj but on the borders of N. Kohistan and Chitral and therefore broadly speaking in the Hindu Kush.
  4. p. 61—Line 10—read ‘Hoyte' for ‘Hoyle'
  5. p 64—Add Dennis Kemp: Minapin Expdn., 1958, H.J., Vol. XXI, 1958.
  6. p. 90—Read ‘Manda’ for ‘Manda II
    Read ‘Pk. 21,547’ for ‘Manda’ I
  7. p. 166—Line 4—read ‘Asp-e-Safed South' for’ Asp-e-Safed'.
  8. p. 183—In the present issue of the Journal the heights given by Herr W. Axt appear to be different from those indicated by Dr. Diemberger/J. M. Anglada, i.e. Asp-e-Safed Main Pk. = ‘6,450 m.' instead of ‘6,507 m.' indicated. Asp-e-Safed South = ‘6,340 m.' instead of ‘6,450 m.' indicated. Rakh-e-Daroz = ‘5,695 m.' instead of ‘5,690 m.' indicated. The ascent of Asp-e-Safed Main Pk. was the 2nd ascent and the 1st traverse of the north ridge of Asp-e- Safed South. The height of Noshaq (West Pk.) (p, 184) is 7,250 m.
  9. p. 184—Henceforth we would prefer the alternative spelling Shakhaur
  10. p, 197—Read ‘Allsup' for ‘AUsop'.
  11. p. 199—The footnote reference should be to Keep calm if you can by Luise Hillary.


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