Particulars of the 'Inner Line’ have not yet appeared in our Journal, and the following details have been supplied by the courtesy of the Minister of External Affairs at New Delhi. It relates to the State of Tehri and the Districts of Almora, Garhwal, Spiti, Bashahr, and Lahul. The 'Inner Line’ generally runs at a distance of about five or six marches from the Indo-Tibetan border and may not be crossed without special permission which is sparingly granted.

In the State, of Tehri. From the snowy peak on the Bashahr-Tehri boundary to Mallick station. Thence to Bhairaunghauti and then along the watershed between the Bhagirathi and Jad Ganga valleys to the Tibet boundary.

In the Districts of Almora and Garhwal. A straight line from the junction of the Darma and Kali rivers on the frontier of Almora and Tibet to Mansiari; thence direct to Phurkia; thence direct to Surai- tota; thence along the road to Vishnuprayag; thence direct to Kedarnath and then due west to the frontier of Tehri and Garhwal.

In the District of Spiti. From the point where the Spiti river leaves Spiti to flow southwards into Bashahr, following the river upwards as far as Kibber; thence to the Takling La, or La Suma (pass), and from that pass to the peak marked 20,200 feet on the Kashmir border. Thence by the Pangpo La; by Zamdang to Muldem, and on to the Baralacha pass by the Yunantso Lake.

In the District of Bashahr. From a point about 4 miles east of the Great Snowy Cone (19,962 feet,) on the Bashahr-Tehri boundary, along that boundary in a westerly direction so far as the Nela Peak; thence northwards to Nilhal on the Baspa river and down that river so far as Chitkul, from Chitkul over the Gharang pass to Dogri in the Todoong valley: along the Todoong river to the Sutlej, so far as the confluence of that river and the Spiti river and thence up the Spiti river to the border of Spiti.

In the District of Lahaul. From the Baralacha pass to Zingzingba- bar, up the Bhaga river to Dharcha; across the Shingkun La to the point where the boundaries of Kashmir, Ghamba, and Lahaul meet.

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