The Himalayan Club Committee, 1988


President ... K. N. Naoroji
Vice-Presidents ... Lt Gen M. Thomas
S. S. Mehta
Dr M. L. Biswas
Honorary Treasurer ... S. K. Damania
Honorary Secretary ... J. C. Nanavati


Members of Committee

A. B. Ghoshal A. D. Moddie
K. K. Guha S. H. Shah
Harish Kapadia M. S. Soin
S. P. Mahadevia Joydeep Sircar


Honorary Local Secretaries

Almora ...
N. B. Parekh
Bombay ... M. H. Contractor
Calcutta ... P. K. Ganguli
Darjeeling ... Dorjee Lhatoo
Delhi ... Sudhir Sahi
Manali ... John Banon
Srinagar ... Sat Paul Sahni
Uttarkashi ... Col J. K. Bajaj
Nepal ... Elizabeth Hawley
Pakistan ... Nazir Sabir
Australia & New Zealand ... W. M. Deacock
Czechoslovakia ... V. Smida
France ... Bonneau Yves
Great Britain ... R. G. Pettigrew
Japan ... H. Ohtsuka
Italy ... Prof Ardito Desio
Spain ... Jose Paytubi
U.S.A. : West ... Nicholas Clinch


Additional Members of Balloting Committee

P. K. Ganguli G. Ramchandani
Dr H. V. R. Iengar Sudhir Sahi


Other Appointments:

Honorary Editor ... S. S. Mehta
Honorary Assistant Editor ... Harish Kapadia
Honorary Librarian ... W. M. Aitken
Hon. Asstt. Librarians
Bombay ... Jayant Khadalia
Calcutta ... A. Guha Thakurta
Honorary Equipment Officer Arun P. Samant
Hon. Asstt. Equipment Officers
Calcutta ... P. K. Ganguli
Delhi ... Sandeep Kapur



A very active year as usual for the Himalayan Club. Many Sectional Meetings were organized at Bombay (7), Delhi (6) and Calcutta (3).

The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

The Club celebrated the Diamond Jubilee in a grand manner. At Bombay a week-long lecture series was inaugurated by Maj Gen R. V. Kulkarni, UYSM, AVSM. Stephen Venables was the chief speaker. Others who gave lectures included S. N. Dhar, A. D. Moddie, Soli Mehta, Harish Kapadia, Col J. K. Bajaj, Capt M. S. Kohli, Bill Aitken, Nari Rustomji and Jean Mark Paris.

An exhibition of photographs and two films on mountaineering were screened at the prestigious National Centre for the Performing Arts. On the last day, a Diamond Jubilee Dinner was held with Colin Pritchard as the chief guest and speaker.

At Delhi, Dr Charles Houston enchanted the audience with an audio-visual on the expeditions to Nanda Devi (1936), K2 (1953) and Everest (1950 and 1981). Other speakers included J. T. M. Gibson, Col N. Kumar, Sharavathi Prabhu, Col B. S. Sandhu with H. C. Sarin inaugurating the Delhi Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at the Indian International Centre. The Jubilee dinner was presided by Sir Edmund Hillary.

At Calcutta Dr M. L. Biswas inaugurated the two-day celebrations. S, N. Das, K. K. Guha, B. B. Basu, Ajoy Chatterjee, C. P. Vohra, Prof J. M. Das, Dr (Miss) Deepali Dey, Dr A. R. K. Shastri and Prof M. K. Bandopadhya presented illustrated talks. Jubilee dinner was also held.

The celebrations continued throughout the year. They were concluded at all the three centres by Pertemba Sherpa who gave a series of lectures at each centre on his various climbing experiences.

Other News:

Himalayan Journal Vol. 44 (with Index) was published in April, while the Himalayan Club Newsletter 42 was published on 17 February.

The Grindlay's Bank Mountain Scholarships were awarded to trainees. Many new books and items of mountaineering equipment were added to the store.

The Club membership continues to grow beyond 900 members, spread over all parts of the world. The membership is open to all who are interested in various aspects of the Himalayan interests. (Full details of the Club activities, 1988, are available in The Himalayan Club Newsletter 42).



The Himalayan Club

THE HIMALAYAN CLUB founded in 1928, has world-wide membership of persons interested in Himalayan exploration, trekking, climbing and other subjects connected with the region.

The Club has its principal office at Bombay. Eminent persons, spread all over the world, interested in the Himalaya, are members of the Club. It is an International Club solely devoted to interests in the Himalaya. At present there are about 900 members of the Club.

The Club would welcome applicants with suitable qualifications.

The benefits of membership includes the annual Himalayan Journal and the Himalayan Club Newsletter, both contain extensive informative material on the Himalayan activities.

The Club also has a unique Himalayan library at Delhi and sub-libraries at Bombay and Calcutta. Store of equipment for lending and maps for reference are available for the members.

Regular Club gatherings with lectures, illustrated talks are held at Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta, with an Annual Reunion held in London.

For membership application forms and other details, contact:

Honorary Secretary,
Post Box No. 1905,
Bombay 400 001. INDIA.


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