The Fifty-fifth Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, 6 March 1985 at Scindia House, Ballard Estate, Bombay. Following names were proposed and elected:

President .. Col B. S. Sandhu

Vice-Presidents .. Dr M. L. Biswas

K. N. Naoroji

Lt Gen M. Thomas

Honorary Treasurer .. P. A. Shah
Honorary Secretary .. J. C. Nanavati

Members of Committee
Z. S. Boga A. D. Moddie

K. K. Guha G. Ramchandani

Harish Kapadia S. R. Shah

Sanjeev Saith M. S. Soin

S. P. Mahadevia Joydeep Sircar

Honorary Local Secretaries

Almora .. N. B. Parekh

Bombay .. S. P. Mahadevia

Calcutta .. P. K. Ganguli

Chandigarh .. P. M. Das

Darjeeling .. E. D. Avari

Delhi .. Sudhir Sahi

Manali .. John Banon

Srinagar .. Sat Paul Sahni

Bhutan .. C. P. Vohra

Nepal .. Mike Cheney

Pakistan .. Nazir Sabir

Australia & New Zealand .. Maj W. W. Deacock

Czechoslovakia .. V. Smida

France .. Jean Coudray

Great Britain .. R. G. Pettigrew

Japan .. Y. Mita

Italy .. Prof Ardito Desio

Spain .. Jose Paytubi

Switzerland .. E. A. Bolinder

U.S.A.: East .. A. J. Kauffman

West .. Nicholas Clinch

Mid .. A. D. Black

Additional Members of Balloting Committee
R. E. Hotz Prof C. K. Mitra

Dr H. V. R. Iengar

Other Appointments
Honorary Editor .. Harish Kapadia

Honorary Librarian .. Janet Rizvi

Hon. Asstt. Librarian
Bombay .. Vincent James

Calcutta .. A. Guha Thakurta

Hon. Equipment Officer .. Arun P. Samant

Hon. Asstt. Equipment
Calcutta .. P. K. Ganguli

Delhi .. R. D. Bhattacharji

1984 continued to be an active year for the Himalayan Club, with the normal sectional meetings and seminars organised at Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi. The Hon. Local Secretary, Bhutan organised a programme at Samchi. Annual Reunion Dinner was held at London as also a Club Dinner at Bombay. The Club granted six scholarships for mountaineering training in India, under its scheme of Grindlays Bank Mountain Scholarship.
The Club gave sponsorship to three Himalayan expeditions by members. Nilgiri Parbat expedition led by Rahul Vora, Uja Tirche -expedition led by A. C. Shelat and to Gangotri glacier region led by Joydeep Sircar.

During the year Himalayan Journal Vol. 40 was issued. The Club still has stock of H.J. 31 to 40. Himalayan Club Newsletter No. 38 was also published. R. E. Hawkins retired as Hon. Asst. Editor after serving in that position for Volumes 35 to 40. Mr. Hawkins had earlier served the Club as Hon. Local Secretary, Bombay, for a number of years and as a member of the Committee (1960-63) and as Vice-President (1976-80).

The Himalayan Club Library received the vigorous attention of the Hon. Librarian Bill Aitken who not only saw to the essential repairs and arrangement of the books at Delhi, but brought good deal of exposure to the priceless contents of Library through periodic reports and articles. The Club continued to acquire new books which are normally circulated at Bombay and Calcutta Section before depositing at the main library at Delhi. During the year it was also decided to start a video library on selected mountaineering films and documentaries of like interests.

The Club membership crossed the 900 mark, spread over all parts of the globe. The membership is open to all those who are committed to varied aspects of Himalayan interests.

(Full details of the Club activities are available in Newsletter 38)
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Some of the highlights of the latest Everest Number are:

-Three Cheers

-Indira' Gandhi

(2) India's Antarctica Programme by S. Z. Qasim & L. U. Joshi

(3) Encounter with Rakesh by Situ Mullick

(4) Indian Everest Expedition '84 by Col. D. K. Kftullar

(5) The Top of Antarctica by Chris Bonington

(6) Makalu, Nearly by Doug Scott

(7) Karun Koh by Chris Bonington

(8) Measuring Mt. Everest by Peter V, Angus-Leppan.

(9) Cinema: Films on nature & adventure

(10)Rock Scene

(11)Himalayan Scene

(12)Nepal Himalaya


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