Soli S. Mehta

This volume has exceeded all expectations of its editor and has presented him with a target for size that he will not be able to beat for many years. For all this many thanks to all contributors and editors of Journals who have provided reprinting facilities merely for the asking (this fraternity of mountain journal editors might turn out to be quite something, one day!).

Amongst my correspondents and ‘hunters' for material are all my old friends again—the Diembergers, Yoshizawas, Bolin- ders, Cheneys and closer home, the Guhas and Nanavatis.

Perhaps a word about printing costs—even with the last volume the enhanced price was a miscalculation on the low side and at the present price the Club is just about meeting the cost of distribution. One assures the reader that no thought of profit enters the mind of the Committee which has most reluctantly had to decide to revise the price both to members and non- members.

Everest has taken a considerable amount of room in this issue but there was a great necessity to set records straight on the International Himalayan Expedition—the editor therefore makes no excuses for a full coverage. Other accounts are a blend of I he beaten path, pure exploration and some exciting first ascents. Happy reading to you all.

Soli S. Mehta



Only one glaring error has been located and that is in the fold-out photograph of the panorama from the summit of Dhaulagiri VI (between pages 146 and 147). For ' Nilgiris' read ' Annapurna I' and for ' Annapurna I' read’ Annapurna South In the photo the Nilgiris are actually blocked by the Dhaula I massif.

The Nilgiris from the west below Dhampus Pass (Photo: Soli S. Mehta)

Photo: Soli S. Mehta

The Nilgiris from the west below Dhampus Pass

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