The Fifty-sixth Annual General Meeting was held at 6.00 p.m. on Monday, 10 February 1986 at Scindia House, Ballard Estate, Bombay. The following names were proposed and elected:

President K. N. Naoroji

Vice-Presidents Dr. M. L. Biswas

Lt. Gen. M. Thomas

S. S. Mehta

Honorary Treasurer S. K. Damania

Honorary Secretary J.C. Nanavati

Members of Committee
A. B. Ghoshal A. D. Moddie

K. K. Guha G.Ramchandani

Harish Kapadia S. R. Shah

Sanjeev Saith M. S. Soin

S. P. Mahadevia Joydeep Sircar

Honorary Local Secretaries

Almora N. B. Parekh

Bombay M. H. Contractor

Calcutta P. K. Ganguli

Chandigarh P. M. Das

Darjeeling E. D. Avari

Delhi Sudhir Sahi

Manali John Banon

Srinagar Sat Paul Sahni

Nepal Mike Cheney

Pakistan Nazir Sabir

Australia & New Zealand W. M. Deacock

Czechoslovakia V. Smida

France Jean Coudray

Great Britain R. G. Pettigrew

Japan Y. Mita

Italy - Prof Ardito Desio

Spain Jose Paytubi

Switzerland E. A. Bolinder

U.S. A.: East A. J. Kaufrman

West Nicholas Clinch

Mid A. D. Black

Additional Members of Balloting Committee
R. E. Hotz Prof C. K. Mitra

Dr. H. V. R. Iengar

Other Appointments
Honorary Editor ... S. S. Mehta

Honorary Assistant Editor ... Harish Kapadia

Honorary Librarian ... Janet Rizvi

Hon. Asstt. Librarians
Bombay ... Vincent James

Calcutta ... A. Guha Thakurta

Hon. Equipment Officer ... Arun P. Samant

Hon. Asstt. Equipment Officers
Calcutta ... P. K. Ganguli

Delhi ... Sandeep Kapur

Another very active year for the Himalayan Club. Many sectional meetings were organised at Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta. Bombay section organised a two-day seminar with many illustrated talks. Delhi section organised a photographic exhibition with talks in the evenings. Annual Club Dinners were held at Bombay and at Calcutta. London section organised the London Reunion Dinner in April. It was addressed by Don Whillans: his last public lecture.

Himalayan Journal Vol. 41 was published in April while The Himalayan Club Newsletter 39 was published, in February in a new format. Dhiren Toolsidas has taken over the work of compilation of Himalayan Journal Indexes and the indexes for Vol. 40 and Vol. 41 were published. A Consolidated Index to Vols. 36 to 42 is under compilation.

The Club started a Video Library of mountain films. A book on Garhwal, The Garhwal Kumaon Himalayas was published. The Grindlayfs Bank Mountain Scholarships were awarded to 5 trainees. Many new books and mountaineering equipments were added to the stores.

The Club membership continued to grow beyond 900 members, spread over all parts of the globe. The membership is open to all those who are committed to various aspects of Himalayan interests.

(Full details of the Club activities, 1985 are available in Newsletter 39).
Printed in India by S. V. Limaye at India Printing Works, Fort

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- Eternal Wanderer

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(2) The Indo-British Siachen Expedition '85 by Harish Kapadia

(3) Leaves from Naomi Uemura's last diary Translated by Prem Motwani

(4) Himalayan Ski Adventure by Gordon Wiltsie

(5) The Shining Wall by Voytek Kurtyka

(6) Kedar Dome - 'The Sunrise Pillar* by Martin Moran

(7) KR-2, First Ascent by Andrez Zbolinski

(8) First Ascent of CB-31 by Yuji Watanbe

(9) Sudarshan Parbat 'First Ascent From SE Ridge* by Teksuyasu Kudo

(10) Shivling by Joost Pielage

(11) American Expedition to the Chaturangi Glacier region by Nigel Cleaver

(12)Youth and Adventure by H. C. Sarin

(13)Sherpas by Sir Edmund Hillary

(14)Himalayan Climbing by Doug Scott

(15)Dodital 'The Emerald Lake* by Sameer Pasricha

(16)Himalayan Mountaineering and Tourism Meet '85

(17)Our Eighteen-day Adventure in Japan-II by Mohan Motwani

(18) Hypothermia by Yvonne McLaughlin
(19) Rock Scene by Mandip Singh Soin

(20)Himalayan Scene 'CINEMA: Films on Nature and Adventure'

(21)Information Window

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