The Forty-fourth Annual General Meeting was held at Crescent House, Ballard Estate, Bombay 1 BR, on 27th December 1972 at 5.00 p.m. for the purpose of :

  1. Confirming the Minutes of the Forty-third Annual General Meeting held on the 16th June 1971.
  2. Receiving the Committee's Report and Audited Accounts for the year ended 31st December 1971, and if, thought fit, passing them.
  3. Electing Officers, Members of the Committee and Additional Members of the Balloting Committee and making other appointments.

The following names were proposed and elected at the Annual General Meeting:



President J. T. M. Gibson, Esq.
Vice-Presidents A. D. Moddie
B. W. Ritchie
Honorary Treasurer G. Ramchandani, Esq.
Honorary Secretary J. C. Nanavati
Honorary Local Secretaries
Australia & N.Z. ... Maj. W. M. M. Deacock
Calcutta K. K. Guha, Esq.
Darjeeling E. D. Avari
Delhi H. Dang, Esq.
Dehra Dun Gurdial Singh
Great Britain V. S. Risoe, Esq., M.B.E.
Japan Y. Mita, Esq.
Kathmandu M. J. Cheney, Esq.
Kulu J. Banon, Esq.
Pakistan Col. E. Goodwin
Switzerland E. A. Bolinder, Esq.
U.S.A Dr. S. Dillon Ripley


Members of Committee

F. C. Badhwar, Esq., O.B.E. S. S, Mehta
T. H. Braham K. N. Naoroji
K. K. Guha R. S. Pillai
Cmdr. M. S. Kohli, A.V.S.M. Gurdial Singh
R. M. Khatau M. Tandon


Additional Members of Balloting Committee

R. E. Hotz, Esq.
Dr. H. V. R. Iengar
Prof. C. K. Mitra


Other Appointments:

Honorary Editor S. S. Mehta, Esq.
Honorary Librarian F. C. Badhwar, Esq., O.B.E
Honorary Equipment Officer ... Secretary at Bombay and Hon.Local Secretaries at Calcutta and Delhi.


An Extraordinary General Meeting was held at Crescent House, Ballard Estate, Bombay 1 BR on 27th December 1972 at 5.30 p.m. for the purpose of approving the following resolutions:

1. To replace Clause 10 of the Rules and Regulations by a completely new clause reading as under :

"Without prejudice to the powers of the Managing Committee hereinafter defined, the entrance fee and subscription payable by a member as from January 1, 1973 shall be as follows :

Resident Members Overseas Members Student Members
Entrance Fees 30.00 30.00 10.00
Annual Subscription 55.00 40.00 12.00
Life Subscription 750.00 500.00 not applicable


The Managing Committee shall have power at any time to vary the subscription payable by any class of member and to make rules for payment of subscription of an Overseas Member in a currency other than Indian Rupees."

2. To add to Rule 16 two new subrules (e) and (f) reading as under:

Sub-Rule (e)

"Life Members will receive the Journal of the Club only on payment at a price to be fixed by the Managing Committee from time to time and provided they pay in advance a lumpsum amount to cover at least five issues of the Journal."

Sub-Rule (f)

"Student members will receive the Journal of the Club only on payment at a price to be fixed by the Managing Committee from time to time."

Explanatory Statement

The Membership Fees have not been increased for over a decade. In the meantime, costs have gone up and particularly in regard to the production of the Himalayan Journal, which is the main expense of the Club. The cost of Volume XXX has risen to a level which has strained the current finances and reserves of the Club. With a view to spread the cost of production equitably between the Ordinary Members and the Life Members, the Committee, after deliberation and obtaining views from various centres of the Club, came to the conclusion that the policy of free issue of the Journal to Life Members could no longer be economically justified and that Life Members should be called upon in future, to contribute partially towards the cost of the Journal.


At the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 16th June 1971 in Bombay certain resolutions were adopted to move the Principal Office of the Club from Calcutta in the State of West Bengal to Bombay, in the State of Maharashtra. This proposal was made in view of the administrative difficulties experienced at Calcutta in recent years due to the frequent transfers of members of the Committee. Due to various legal difficulties involved, the Committee, after obtaining solicitors' opinion decided to continue the Registered Office at Calcutta and the administration of the Club to be conducted from Bombay. This was found to be suitable solution for the implementation as best as possible of the unanimous resolution passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 16th June 1971.


All papers intended for publication should be forwarded to the Honorary Editor, S. S. Mehta, c/o A.C.C.I. Ltd., P.O. Rishra, District Hooghly, West Bengal, India.

It is requested that all articles be accompanied by sketch maps (these should be clearly drawn in Indian ink) and photographs (half plate size or larger, glossy, black-and-white) with captions clearly printed and attached at the back

All materials should be submitted before the end of December in order to avoid delay in printing.


The following back numbers are still available-Vol. XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, XXX and XXXI-These volumes can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary. Mr. V. S. Risoe also holds a few spare copies in London. Revised prices of back numbers are :

Vols. XXV to XXIX Rs. 25 each

Vols. XXX 8c XXXI Rs. 40 each


Responsibility for non-delivery of the Journal cannot be accepted if members do not notify their change of address. Considerable trouble is caused in re-addressing Journals returned, and duplicate copies cannot be sent, except on payment.


Members are requested to notify the Honorary Secretary promptly of any change of address. If this Journal has not been correctly addressed, will you please advise the Honorary Secretary immediately of the alterations ?

Club Address : The Himalayan Club P.O. Box 1905 Bombay 400001 India


We gratefully acknowledge receipt during the year of the following Journals and publications :

The Alpine Journal
The American Alpine Journal
The A.C.C. Newsletter
Sangaku (J.A.C.)
Ost. Alpenzeitung
Deutscher Alpenverein
La Montague et Alpinisme
Revista Mensile del Cluh Alpino Italiano

The Canadian Alpine Journal
The New Zealand Alpine Journal
The Journal of the Mountain Club of S. Africa
The Appalachia Bulletin
Yama to Keikoku
Cambridge Mountaineering
The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal
The Ladies' Alpine Club Journal
Holidays in Romania
Union Internationale des Assocs. d'Alpinisme Bulletin The Geographical Journal The Geographical Review


Ten Years Under the Earth—N.Casteret Presented by Dr. S. A. Craven
My Caves—N. Casteret
Caves of Adventure—H. Tazieff
More Years Under the Earth—N. Casteret


The Himalayas—D. Mordecai, presented by the author Makalu 1970—Printed and presented by the Japanese Alpine Club.


Printed by Y. P. Bhagwat at Mouj Printing Bureau, Khatau Wadi, Bombay 400 004 and published by S. S. Mehta for Himalayan Club at P.O. Box 1905,

Bombay 400 001.


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