Geneva January 14, 1969

Dear Sir,

Reading your last issue of the Himalayan Journal and, especially the article, 4 Chaturangi Expedition, 1966by Mr. Sujit Bose, I can tell you that, after the attempt done by the Austrian climbers in 1938 (Ellmauthaler and Frauenberger, Oesterreichischen Alpenzeitung, 1939, No. 1201), the members of the Swiss Expedition in Garhwal, 1947, climbed for the first time the Satopanth. We followed on August 1 the Nord-east Ridge, the face, and arrived on the Summit Ridge. From there we reached the summit CHimalayan Journal, Vol. XV, 1949, page 33). Please, will you be so kind to note that and to tell it to Mr. Bose ?

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely
Rene Dittert
Member of the Himalayan Club