Harish Kapadia

TALKING OF politics, our assistant editor Muslim Contractor was recently narrating his experience of Singapore. They have a P.A.P. ('People's Action Party'). Because of the taxation, it is nicknamed 'Pay And Pay (Party)'. Next is the 'Worker's Party', (W.P.), asking 'Why Pay?' The answer is given by the S.D.P. ('Social Democratic Party') 'So Don't Pay'.

'Let's form a P.A.P. for the H.J.,' Muslim suggested. Between the editors, printer and authors, we can form the 'Print And Print (Party)'. Excellent suggestion. But looking at the difficulties that I keep on mentioning in the past editorials and the time it consumes to print H.J., the some may join the W.P. — 'Why Print?' When pressurised with the deadlines, telegrams, faxes and reminders, some authors and reviewers are bound to opt for the S.D.P. party — 'So Don't Print' That's the H.J. 'politics' for you!

The present issue continues to be well supported by our regular contributors and authors. Particular mention must be made of Aamir Ali's beginning of the series of articles on the Himalayan Journal itself. It is intended to bring out the hidden treasures from those early volumes. And it required someone of Aamir Ali's strength to bring out the best of nuances..... we will stop scratching each other's backs, as you will read in his article.

Many thanks to my team of regular helpers. Arun Samant for drawing the sketch-maps, Shailesh Mahadeyia for all important business matters, Naren Nanda and Kaivan Mistry for the keen eye on the proofs, Dhiren Pania for despatches and of course Muslim Contractor for those all important corrections in red.

Readers can relax about the H.J. The above team belongs to the P.A.P. and they have the working majority!

Harish Kapadia


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