I. Addresses

All communications for the Honorary Secretary or for the Honorary Treasurer should be addressed to them as under:

Honorary Secretary/Treasurer,
The Himalayan Club,
c/o General Staff Branch, Army Headquarters, Simla.

Books presented to the Library, including those sent for review, and all communications for the Librarian should be sent to

The Librarian, The Himalayan Club,

c/o Officers' Library, Army Headquarters, Simla.

Communications for the Honorary Editor, and papers for the Himalayan Journal should be addressed to

The Honorary Editor, The Himalayan Club,
School of Geography, Mansfield Road, Oxford.

II. Appointments

The following changes have occurred in the posts of Honorary Local Secretaries, Honorary Local Correspondents, Technical and Scientific Correspondents, and Officers of the Eastern Section Committee for 1940.1

Honorary Local Secretaries. Garhwal: Mrs. A. Browne, Bothwell Bank, Ranikhet, U.P., takes the place of Mr. P. Mason.

The post for Kumaun is at present vacant.
Honorary Local Correspondents. The posts at Quetta and Baltistan are vacant. M. Marcel Kurz, Neuchatel, Switzerland, has been appointed Local Correspondent for Switzerland. Lieutenant J. O. M. Roberts, 1/1 Gurkha Rifles, Dharmsala, takes the place of Major Rundall, for the Dharmsala Hills. Mr. A. P. F. Hamilton's address is changed to c/o Chief Conservator of Forests, Lahore.


  1. The list in which these changes occur is printed in Himalayan Journal, vol. xi, 1939, PP. 214-16.


Scientific and Technical Correspondents. There are no changes in the list for 1939, except that Colonel Glennie's address is now Geodetic Branch, Survey of India, Dehra Dun, U.P.

Eastern Section Committee.

Chairman . . . . . C. R. Cooke, Esq.
Honorary Secretary . . . . Mrs. H. P. V. Townend
Honorary Treasurer . . . - J- Leslie, Esq.
Honorary Secretary (Darjeeling) . . T. B. Jameson, Esq.
Members ..... W. Allsup, Esq.,
C. Crawford, Esq.,
Capt. J. Hunt,
Brigadier C. G. Lewis,
J. B. Morrison, Esq.,
F. D. C. Sumner, Esq.
Assistant Secretary . . . . A. F. Wale, Esq., Telephone House, Darjeeling.

Applications for books or equipment from the Eastern Section should be addressed to

The Honorary Secretary (not by name),

Himalayan Club (Eastern Section),

c/o Geological Survey, 27 Chowringhee, Calcutta.

Himalayan Club Route-Books. Flying Officer A. J. Young has taken over the post of Co-ordinating Editor from Captain Lowman. The editorial arrangements for the three volumes otherwise remain unaltered from those published in last year's Journal.

III. Himalayan Club Porters

The creation of a superior grade of Himalayan porters is mentioned elsewhere in this Journal.1 The questions of compensation and insurance have also been taken up. It has been decided to raise the compensation for the death of an unmarried porter payable to his family from Rs. 200 to Rs. 300. The compensation payable to the widow of a porter who loses his life on an expedition is Rs. 500.

During the first half of the year statistics were collected regarding deaths and accidents among porters, in order to investigate the problem of insurance. The terms offered by the only Insurance Company that considered the matter were out of the question. On the basis of the statistics an attempt is being made to consider a scheme which the Club may be able to adopt on its own account, but it is not yet ready for examination.

1 See p. 140, above.


IV. Equipment

The Eastern Section of the Club keeps a stock of tents and climbing equipment, which may be hired for a small fee. The equipment available and rates of hire may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary, Himalayan Club (Eastern Section), c/o the Geological Survey, 27 Chowringhee, Calcutta.

V. Back Numbers of the Himalayan Journal

Back numbers of the Himalayan Journal are available at the following prices:

Vol. Tear Members Non-members
xi 1939 8s. or Rs. 5 8j. or Rs. 5
viii—x 1936-8 4s. 6d. or Rs. 3 8s. or Rs. 5
i-vii 1929-35 4s. 6d. or Rs. 3 4s. 6d. or Rs. 3


Members are advised to make up their sets of back numbers while these are still available. Stocks of some of the volumes are getting low.


VI. The Himalayan Journal, Vol. XIII, 1941

All papers and communications for publication in the next volume should reach the Honorary Editor, School of Geography, Mansfield Road, Oxford, or the Honorary Assistant Editor, J. B. Auden, Esq., Geological Survey of India, 27 Chowringhee, Calcutta, by the 31st December 1940, or earlier if possible.

Members must notify their changes of address to the Honorary Secretary. Responsibility for the non-delivery of the Journal cannot be accepted if members do not do so. When Journals are returned undelivered through the post, they cannot be sent again to a new address except on payment of postage.




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