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Aamir Ali (1924-2018)

Aamir Ali

Aamir Ali was keenly interested in the proposal for establishing a Peace Park on the Siachen, to stop the war and protect the environment.

But he was a born optimist. When the Siachen Peace Park idea was rejected by governments, he simply said: “Remember night is darkest before the dawn. Dawn will come. In our lifetime, or in that of our descendants, peace will come. The roses will bloom again”.

I dedicate these lines from my acceptance speech at the ‘Patron’s (Royal) Medal’ award by the Royal Geographical Society to my friend Aamirbhai:

We are nations linked by Himalayan geography. Nations, which do not understand and respect geography, are condemned by history. Governments and people of both countries should realize that there is a humanity that binds us together. Whatever our game, and whichever our side of the fence.

Aamir Ali was Honorary Member of the Himalayan Club.

Martin Moran (1955 – 2019)

Martin Moran

When Martin Moran was in Mumbai a couple of years ago I interviewed him1:

“Eiger decided that I would not remain an accountant but become a professional guide. I began to learn how to turn back. Not even a 5% risk can be taken when leading clients – this is my philosophy. Pioneering new routes and peaks was my niche”.

He led many climbers to savour the beauty of the Himalaya in safety. But perhaps he had other promised lands to go to:

I will go up, up to the highest mountain tops,
I’ll see the sun rise once again, and gaze upon the Promised Land.
- Henrik Ibsen



  1. Quotes from Martin’s video recording in The Himalayan Club Oral History collection.

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