I. Addresses

All communications for the Honorary Secretary or for the Honorary Treasurer should be addressed to them as under:

Honorary Secretary/Treasurer,

The Himalayan Club,

c/o General Staff Branch, Simla.

Books presented to the Library, including those sent for review, and all communications for the Librarian should be sent to

The Librarian, The Himalayan Club,

c/o Officers' Library, Army Headquarters, Simla.

Communications for the Honorary Editor, and papers for the Himalayan Journal, should be addressed to

Lieut.-Colonel Kenneth Mason, m.c.,

Honorary Editor, The Himalayan Club,

School of Geography,

Mansfield Road, Oxford.

II. Appointments

The following are the Honorary Local Secretaries, Honorary Local Correspondents, Technical and Scientific Correspondents, and Officials of the Eastern Section Committee for 1938.

Honorary Local Secretaries.

Kashmir .. .. F. Ludlow, Esq., c/o Postmaster, Srinagar, Kashmir.1
Chamba .. .. .. Lieut.-Colonel H. S. Strong, Chamba, via Dalhousie, Punjab. Kumaun .. .. .. Vacant.2
Garhwal .. .. P. Mason, Esq., Deputy Commis sioner, Garhwal, Lansdowne. Darjeeling .. .. .. T. B. Jameson, Esq., Rungneet, Darjeeling.

Eastern Section Mrs. H. P. V. Townend, Commissioner's House, Ghinsurah, Bengal.

1 During the period from February to December 1938, when Mr. Ludlow will be away, Lieut.-Colonel J. W. Thomson-Glover, c/o The Residency, Kashmir, will help members.

Pending permanent arrangements, applications for information should be made to the Honorary Secretary.

Honorary Local Correspondents

London Lieut.-Colonel E. L. Strutt, c.b.e., d.s.o., 12 Somers Place, Hyde Park, London, W. 2.

Quetta Lieut.-Colonel E. A. L. Gueterbock, r.e., Staff College, Quetta.

The Pamirs and K'un Lun C. P. Skrine, Esq., o.b.e., i.c.s., Resident, Madras States, Trivan- drum, and G. Sherriff, Esq., c/o Postmaster, Srinagar, Kashmir.1
Gilgit Agency Lieut. D. M. B. Smart, Gilgit Scouts, Gilgit.

Baltistan, Nubra, Ladakh, Brigadier M. L. Gompertz, H.Q. Western Command, Karachi.

and Zaskar Ghamba Lieut.-Colonel H. S. Strong, Chamba, via Dalhousie, Punjab.

Kulu, Lahul, and Spiti Major D. G. Lowndes, 1st Royal Garhwal Rifles, Allahabad, and A. P. F. Hamilton, Esq., i.f.s., c/o Forest Office, 17 Cowper Road, Lahore.

Dharmsala Hills Major J. W. Rundall, 2nd in Command and Adjutant, Kolhapur Infantry, Kolhapur.

Bashahr R. Maclagan Gorrie, Esq., i.f.s., c/o Chief Conservator of Forests, Lahore.

Scientific and Technical Correspondents.

Archaeology Sir Aurel Stein, k.c.i.e., ph.d., d.litt.,, c/o Mrs. P. S. Allen, 22 Manor Place, Oxford.

Botany B. O. Coventry, Esq., New Hall, Little Dole, Henfield, Sussex.

Geodesy and Geophysics Lieut.-Colonel E. A. Glennie, d.s.o., r.e., Survey of India, No. 6 Drawing Office, Simla.

Geology and Glaciology Sir L. L. Fermor, o.b.e. f.r.s., c/o Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W. 1.

1 Absent till December.

Medical Zoology Dr. G. Strickland, m.d., United Services Club, Calcutta.

Meteorology Dr. C. W. B. Normand,, Director- General of Observatories, Poona.

Ornithology H. Whistler, Esq., Galdbec House, Battle, Sussex, and Dr. S. C. Law, 50 Kailas Bose Street, Calcutta.

Photography Major C.J. Morris, c/o The Travellers' Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.i.

Survey and Maps Brigadier C. G. Lewis, o.b.e., Surveyor- General of India, 13 Wood Street, Calcutta.

Zoology and Entomology Dr. C. F. G. Beeson,, Forest Research Institute and College, Dehra Dun, U.P.

Eastern Section Committee.

Chairman . . . . Dr. A. M. Heron.

Honorary Secretary . . Mrs. H. P. V. Townend.

Honorary Treasurer . . J. Latimer, Esq.

Honorary Librarian . . . Mrs. E. H. Rankin.

Honorary Secretary (.Darjeeling) . T. B. Jameson, Esq.

Equipment Officer . . E. G. Marklew, Esq.

Members Brigadier G. G. Lewis, J. Leslie, Esq., W. Allsup, Esq.

Messrs. J. Leslie and E. Gatto will act as joint Hon. Secretaries during Mrs. Townend's absence on leave from the 1st May till the 31st October. Correspondence should be addressed to No. 8 Army and Navy Chambers, Calcutta, during this period. .Applications for books from the Section Library should be addressed to

The Honorary Librarian,

The Himalayan Club (Eastern Section),

c/o the Geological Survey,

27 Chowringhee, Calcutta.

III. Himalayan Club Route Books

Co-ordinating Editor:

Captain S. A. Lowman, r.i.a.s.c.,

No. 23 A.T. Company (M), Landi Kotal, N.W.F.P.

Volume I. The Western Himalaya (Kashmir to Chamba inclusive).

Editor: A. P. F. Hamilton, Esq., c/o Forest Office, Lahore, assisted by Lieut. E. C. Thompson, r.c.s., Royal Signals Mess, Quetta.

Volume II. The Central Himalaya (Chamba exclusive to the western border of Nepal).

Editor: Captain R. A. K. Sangster, 3/12th F.F. Regiment, Wana, Waziristan, assisted by G. R. Henniker-Gotley, Esq., D.s.o., i.f.s., Forest Office, Kulu, Kangra District, Punjab, and Major D. G. Lowndes, 1st Bn. Royal Garhwal Rifles, Allahabad.

Volume III. The Eastern Himalaya (from Sikkim eastwards).

Under preparation by the Eastern Section of the Club.

IV. Equipment

The Eastern Section of the Himalayan Club keeps a small stock of tents and climbing equipment, which may be hired for a small fee on application to E. G. Marklew, Esq., Equipment Officer, Himalayan Club, 10 Stephen Court, Park Street, Calcutta. A list of equipment available has been circulated in the small pamphlet giving the list of members of the Club.

V. Climbing in England

The following paragraph appears in the Editor's notes of the Journal of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District, 1938.

‘W. Allsup, a Fell and Rock member since 1911 and a founder of the Himalayan Club, writing from Shillong, Assam, puts in a plea for its younger members eager to gain some rock-climbing experience while home on leave. There should be no lack of helpers and if intending visitors will write to the Secretary or the Editor, details of monthly meets of the Club will be sent.'

The address of the Editor of the F. & R.G.C. is Abbotsmead, Twickenham.

VI. Presentation of Books to the Library

Books presented to the Library, including those sent for review, should be addressed to the Librarian, The Himalayan Club, c/o Officers' Library, Army Headquarters, Simla, and not to any official of the Club by name. This applies also to periodicals received from societies, clubs, and other institutions, in exchange for the Himalayan Journal.

VII. Back Numbers of the Himalayan Journal

Back numbers of the Journal are available to members of the Club at half-price, plus postage. They may be obtained from the Manager, Oxford University Press, B.I. Building, Nichol Road, Bombay, for Rs. 3, or from the Honorary Editor, in England, for 4s. 6d.

VIII. The Himalayan Journal, Vol. XI, 1939

It is hoped to publish the eleventh volume of the Himalayan Journal in April 1939. All papers and other communications for publication must reach the Honorary Editor, Lieut.-Colonel Kenneth Mason, School of Geography, Mansfield Road, Oxford, or the Honorary Assistant Editor, J. B. Auden, Esq., Geological Survey of India, Calcutta, by the 31st December 1938, and earlier if possible.

Members who have given permanent addresses in India, or who expect to be in England between April and June 1939, should send their home addresses to the Honorary Editor. Members are asked to check their initials and the entries against their names in the Annual List of Members, and to send any corrections to the Honorary Secretary. Responsibility for non-delivery of the Journal cannot be accepted if members do not notify their change of address. Considerable expense is caused to the Club in readdressing Journals returned, and duplicate copies cannot be sent except on payment.