The Himalayan Journal: Current issue

The Himalayan Journal
Vol. 74


  1. ‘Some of the Best Weeks of our Lives’ (Bill Aitken)
  2. Rescue on Nanga (Bernadette McDonald)
  3. Roadside Himalaya (Martin Moran)
  4. The Kamala Valley - Exploring the Kurung-Kumey valleys in Arunachal Pradesh (Harish Kapadia)/li>
  5. Night Skies of the Himalaya (Deepak Bhimani)
  6. Remembering Nandu Jayal (Ranvijay Singh)/li>
  7. High Altitude Illness: The Essentials (George Rodway)
  8. Trans Himachal 2018 (Peter Van Geit)
  9. The Western Himalayan Traverse (Bharat Bhushan)
  10. Sulah - Sulah - A relaxed expedition in Spiti (Divyesh Muni)
  11. Ancient Knowledge and Modern Explorations of the Phenomenon of the Holy Mt. Kailash (Wolfgang Wöllmer and Sergei Balalaev)
  12. Entering the Gyundi Gorge (Debasish Bardhan)
  13. The Geographical and Traditional Sources of the Indus River (Sergei Balalaev)
  14. Canine Catastrophe in the Mountains (Yash Veer Bhatnagar)
  15. Aerial Pictures Lhasa-Kathmandu-Chengdu (Tom Nakamura)
  16. D. N. Wadia and Himalayan Geology (Rasoul Sorkhabi)
  17. Enigmatic Takpa Siri: The Holy Mountain - A Forgotten High Altitude Pilgrimage in Tibet (Harish Kapadia)
  18. Expeditions and Notes
    1. First Ascent of K7 Southwest Ridge (Katsutaka Yokoyama)
    2. Cerro Kishtwar (Genki Narumi)
    3. Janhukot, South West Buttress 2018 (Paul Figg)
    4. Bara Shigri Glacier Exploration (Vivek Shivade)
    5. Latok I (Tom Livingstone)
    6. Kang Yatse I and II (Devidutta Panda)
    7. A Visit to the Mulung Tokpo (Derek Buckle)
    8. Reo Purgyil 2018 (Rajsekhar Maity)
    9. Nangchen Kingdom and Veiled Mountains in Yushu Prefecture (Tamotsu [Tom] Nakamura)
    10. Shivling (Michael Wärthl)
    11. West Face of Arjuna (Whitney Clark)
    12. Satisfaction! (Marek Holecek)
    13. Saser Kangri IV Expedition 2018 (Basanta Singha Roy)
    14. Shispare (Kazuya Hiraide and Kenro Nakajima)
    15. Four Peaks in the Headwaters of Karcha Nala, Spiti (Kazuo Hoshi)
    16. Two Days in Chhangru and Tinker (Shekhar Pathak)
  19. Book Reviews
    1. The Great Himalayan National Park-The Struggle to Save the Western Himalayas (Sanjeeva Pandey and Anthony J Gaston)
    2. The Long Walk-From Darkness to Light: An autobiography of Kusang Dorjee Sherpa (as told to Susanta Kumar Das)
    3. No Easy Way (Mick Fowler)
    4. The Last Englishman: Love, War, and the End of Empire (Deborah Baker)
    5. Honouring High Places-The Mountain Life of Junko Tabei (Junko Tabei and Helen Y Rolfe)
    6. The Bell of Shangri-La-An Adventure to the Lost Horizon (Sam Chau)
    7. Bells of Shangri-La-Scholars, Spies, Invaders in Tibet (Parimal Bhattacharya)
    8. Saga of a Native Explorer, Pundit Nain Singh (Surendra Singh Pangtey)
    9. One Day as a Tiger - Alex MacIntyre and the birth of light and fast Alpinism (John Porter)
    10. Durand’s Curse (Rajiv Dogra)
    11. Flying over the Himalaya-Peak Identification (Tamotsu (Tom) Nakamura)
    12. Ham Bhi Ghumakkad Thhey [We Too Were Wanderers] (Dr. Sher Singh Pangtey)
    13. Edmund Hillary - A Biography (Michael Gill)
    14. One Man’s Climb - A journey of Tragedy & Triumph of K2 (Adrian Hayes)
    15. Land of Lost Borders - A Journey on the Silk Road (Kate Harris)
    16. Tales from the Himalaya (Henry Edmundson)
    17. The Himalayan Arc - Journeys East of South-East (Edited by Namita Gokhale)
    18. The Oxford India Elwin - Selected writings (Verrier Elwin)
    19. Sky is my Father - A Naga Village Remembered (Easterine Kire)
    20. Jangam-A forgotten exodus in which thousands died (Debendranath Acharya)
  20. In Memoriam
    1. Aamir Ali (1924-2018)
    2. Andy Nisbet (1953-2019)
    3. Professor Ernst Helmut Sondheimer (1923-2019)
    4. Martin Moran (1955-2019)
    5. Susan Band (1936-2018)
  21. The Himalayan Club Archives
  22. The Himalayan Club Committee 2019
  23. Index
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