Trek Leader & Safety Management Training for Youth Engaged in Adventure Tourism in Maharashtra

UIAA Training Programme 2020

The Himalayan Club and Allied Safety Equipments Pvt Ltd have jointly organised TREK LEADER & SAFETY MANAGEMENT TRAINING FOR YOUTH ENGAGED IN ADVENTURE TOURISM IN MAHARASHTRA from Saturday, 01 February 2020 and Monday, 10th February 2020.



The Himalayan Club has taken the initiative to conduct skill development and training programmes for the youth. The Himalayan Club with the support of Allied Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is launching a “Trek Leader & Safety Management Training Programme for Youth Engaged in Adventure Tourism in Maharashtra”. The Club will coordinate with the UIAA, the sponsors: Allied Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd., concerned Government departments and other stakeholders for the conduct of this programme.

Adventure activities play a significant role in youth empowerment, as they not only test an individual’s physical skills and endurance, but also help in developing team building skills, risk taking ability and developing skills for self-employment.  Since the last two decades, Adventure Tourism has increased manifold, raising various safety and environmental concerns. Adventure tourism industry in The Western Ghats lacks awareness towards safety and has had a negative impact on the environment since it does not have any structured apex body nor does it have any autonomous guidelines. This has resulted in environment degradation and personal accidents every year.

The Himalayan Club has been involved in planning, coordinating and executing several training programmes related to skill development, mountain medicine, Leave No Trace policies and awareness campaigns.

The proposed programme will be a structured intervention, which will bring professionalism into the sport and help us all to adhere to global safety standards. Due to the absence of any government policies, it is essential to seek help of an organization like UIAA-International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, to bring standardization in the adventure industry of the Western Ghats. The training programme will aim to address the lacunae in the existing practices in the adventure sports sector and initiate suitable measures to develop a safe ecosystem. This will not be a one-time training programme only, as further training will be provided each year to further enhance skills. Details of the Course are placed at Appendix ‘A’.

  1. Creating a pool of trained professionals engaging in Land based Adventure sports in the Western Ghats, proficient in using the latest equipment and techniques for search and rescue and act as emergency first responders.
  2. Educating industry professionals on guidelines for promoting safe and responsible adventure tourism.
  3. Developing a greater sense of responsibility among trekkers on risk management and conservation of heritage monuments & eco-sensitive regions.
  4. Soft skills training for handling clients.


The course programme is designed in association with UIAA and Allied Safety Equipment Pvt Ltd., who are the distributors in India for Petzl which is one of the leading manufacturers of safety equipment in adventure. The syllabus will include the following subjects:

BENEFICIARIES of the Project/ Engagement of Participants:
  1. Adventure tour operators: who organize hikes, climbs and camping activities will be directly benefited since they will be able to have qualified and competent manpower. Trained manpower will lead to 100% safety and protection of the trekking routes, monuments and environments, thus resulting growth in business. Trained manpower will avoid unnecessary legal issues in the long term.
  2. Trek Leaders: Trained youth will be able to work as leaders for treks, rappelling events, waterfall rappelling, valley crossing events, single pitch/multi pitch climbing events and other such allied activities. They will be benefited by getting employment in adventure tourism. They will be in a position to select certified equipment for their requirement. Currently equipment used is mostly manufactured locally without any test and certifications. Post training the Leader will be in a position to understand the benefits of using certified equipment and its appropriate usage, enhancing instructors’ safety as well.
  3. Clients: will be benefited as they will have qualified and competent guides, who are aware of the safety standards required for the adventure activity, which in turn will lead to fewer accidents and disasters.
  4. Forest department: will be benefited manifold:
    • The Western Ghats being a reserved eco-sensitive forest it is very important to have a responsible tourism industry. Post training the Forest Department will be able to ensure that organizations and clients visiting The Western Ghats will do so with a sense of responsibility.
    • Activities like camping, hiking and climbing will have minimum impact on environment. Introduction of Leave No Trace will have a positive impact.
    • Forest fires can be brought in control.
    • Responsible leaders will volunteer for minimum impact by adhering to smaller group sizes.
  5. Archaeology department: There are around 350 forts in The Western Ghats, which has a history of more than 500 years. It is imperative to protect these ancient structures and promote responsible tourism.
  6. Locals: The culture of The Western Ghats is indigenous. Due to the unorganized adventure tourism the ethnic culture is degrading at an alarming pace. Educating leaders to respect and actively protect this ethnic culture is imperative.
  7. Tourism industry and government agencies: With structured organizations and trained manpower the tourism industry in The Western Ghats will grow, which will benefit the government agencies as well. Well-structured adventure tourism industry will attract foreign tourist since 100% safety will be assured.
  8. Rescue organizations can be built with the help of forest rangers and locals.

The Adventure based training programme has the potential to provide a positive impact in the field of environment protection, promotion of adventure tourism and recognition to the local community/ youth. Sensitisation and continuous execution will motivate the community youth not only to take pride in overall cleanliness but also will add to the environmental safeguard, skill- development and employment generation.

Wg Cdr Sudhir Kutty
Honorary Secretary
The Himalayan Club



  1. Venue: Rajmachi Fort area
  2. Period: 01 Feb - 10 Feb 2020
  3. Duration: 10 days
  4. Participants: 20
  5. Trainers:
    1. Steve Long, President - UIAA Training Standards Panel + 2 International Trainers from UIAA - Mr Timothy James Jepson and Mr Andreas Andreou.
    2. Kaivalya Verma , UIAA Trainer