The Himalayan Journal Vol. 75, 2020, published

The Himalayan Journal
Vol. 75


  1. This is His Life - Gurdial Singh (Suman Dubey)
  2. Kangchenjunga 1955 (The Reconnaissance that turned into a First Ascent) (Mick Conefrey)
  3. Secrets on the Maps (Tamotsu (Tom) Nakamura)
  4. Across the Himalaya 2019 (Peter Van Geit)
  5. A Return to Nepal (Derek R Buckle)
  6. Kedar Ganga Valley (Brigadier Ashok Abbey)
  7. The Duke and the Abruzzi Spur (Mirella Tenderini)
  8. Prevention and Treatment of Frostbite: Essentials for the Mountain Environment (George Rodway)
  9. Trans Sahyadri - Climbing 200 Forts (Photo Feature) (Peter Van Geit)
  10. A few Observations and Reflections on the Himalaya (Stephen Alter)
  11. Training the UIAA Way (Steve Long)
  12. Trailing the Grey Ghost in the Eastern Himalaya (Rohan Pandit)
  13. Memories - Training, Sherpas and Friends - 1964 (Harish Kapadia)
  14. Conserving Chadar (Bhushan H. Sethi)
  15. Chadar (Photo Feature) (Aditya Arya)
  16. Desert Island Climbs in the Himalaya (Geoff Cohen)

Expeditions and Notes
  1. First Ascent of Link Sar (Mark Richey and Steve Swenson)
  2. The Great Game, Koyo Zom, Pakistan - 2019 (Tom Livingstone)
  3. Tashispa Ri 2019 (Divyesh Muni)
  4. Nanda Devi East 2019: Experiencing Life (Rajsekhar Maity and Upal Chakrabarti)
  5. Chombu 2019 (Victor Saunders)
  6. First Winter Ascent of Mt Kanamo (Lt Col Jay Prakash Kumar)
  7. Menthosa, South Ridge (Spencer Gray)
  8. Dream Journeys (Kev Reynolds)
  9. Monastic Trail (Nilay Chakraborty)
  10. Pakshi Chu Gorge - The Hidden Wonder of Spiti (Debasish Bardhan)
  11. The LMGA Expedition
  12. Expedition to Jupkia (Abhishek Das)
  13. Tanmu Col - Exit from Spiti to Lahaul (Debasish Bardhan)

  1. A Personal Reminisce and Tribute to Joe Brown(Geoff Birtles)
  2. The Vector Generation (Mick Ward)
  3. The Himalayan Traverse (Vineeta Muni)

Book Reviews
  1. HIMALAYAN RAPTURE - Mountains in my Life (Hari Dang)
  2. WILD HIMALAYA - A Natural History of the Greatest Mountain Range on Earth (Stephen Alter)
  3. THE LAST ENGLISHMEN - Love, War and the End of Empire (Deborah Baker)
  4. QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAINEERS - The Trail Blazing Life of Fanny Bullock Workman (Cathryn J. Prince)
  5. WINTER 8000 - Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains in the Coldest Season (Bernadette McDonald)
  6. THE LAST GREAT MOUNTAIN: The First Ascent of Kangchenjunga (Mick Conefrey)
  7. THE WORLD BENEATH THEIR FEET: The British, the Americans, the Nazis and the Mountaineering Race to Summit the Himalayas (Scott Ellsworth)

In Memoriam
  1. Trevor Hyam Braham (1922-2020)
  2. Nalni Dhar Jayal (1927-2020)
    Nalni Jayal and Indira Gandhi: Some Recollections (Jairam Ramesh)
    Remembering Mr N. D. Jayal (Reiko Terasawa) (Translated from Japanese to English by Setsu Togawa)
  3. Meher Mehta (1930-2020)

The Himalayan Club Committee 2020

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