The Himalayan Journal Vol. 73, 2018, published

The Himalayan Journal
Vol. 73



  1. Against all Odds - A Traverse Across Glaciers and Mountains of the East Karakoram (Divyesh Muni)
  2. Missing Links - Himalayan ‘Borderlands’ in the Western Imagination (Mark Liechty)
  3. This is His Life - Harish Kapadia (Smruthi Ranganathan)
  4. A Scholar of Stones (Stephen Alter)
  5. Wanda Rutkiewicz - The Indomitable Climber (Mirella Tenderini)
  6. Imagery on Stone (Viraf Mehta)
  7. The Kingdoms of the Punjab Himalaya (Prashant Mathawan)
  8. Nun - Mountain King of the Suru Valley (Brigadier Ashok Abbey)
  9. Freerangers - Nanda Devi Western Flank (Martin Moran)
  10. The East Karakoram Revisited (Derek Buckle)
  11. Photo Feature - I: Kashmir’s Gateway to the Ancient Silk Route (Mayank Soni)
  12. On the Apatani Plateau and in the Subansiri Valley (Harish Kapadia)
  13. Caving in Meghalaya - My Month in the Caves (Jessica Passah)
  14. Japanese Mountaineering in the Himalaya - Before and After World War II
    (Kinichi Yamamori, translated, edited and supplemented by Tom Nakamura)
  15. Photo Feature - II: Beauty in Diversity - A Journey through Ladakh’s Hidden Gems
    (Munib Khanyari and Devika Rathore)
  16. Expeditions & Explorations
    1. Trishul West Ridge (Martin Moran)
    2. Cerro Kishtwar - Har Har Mahadev (Stephan Siegrist)
    3. Kalapani Glacier and Peaks (Martin Moran)
    4. A Dream Yet to Touch (Rudra Prasad Halder)
    5. Exploration of Ratang, Spiti (Debasish Bardhan)
    6. A Mission to Climb Reo Purgyil and Leo Purgyil (Maj Jay Prakash Kumar)
    7. Sir George Everest’s Home (Dr Sunil K. Pandya)
    8. Along the Upper Arun Valley and its Tributaries (Lakshmi Ranganathan)
    9. Rangtik 2017 (Matija Jošt - Matic)
    10. Nostalgia - Hillary and Tenzing (Dr Manohar Singh Gill)
    11. Ladakh Odyssey (Dr Manohar Singh Gill)
    12. My First Climb (Captain M. S. Kohli)
  17. Book Reviews
    1. Legendary maps from The Himalayan Club (Edited by Harish Kapadia)
    2. Art of Freedom - The Life and Climbs of Voytek Kurtyka (by Bernadette McDonald)
    3. Ascent - A Life Spent Climbing on the Edge (by Chris Bonington)
    4. Chris Bonington Mountaineer - A Lifetime of Climbing the Great Mountains of the World
      (by Chris Bonington)
    5. The Ogre - Biography of a mountain and the Dramatic Story of the First Ascent
      (by Doug Scott)
    6. Life in The Himalaya - An Ecosystem at Risk (by Maharaj K. Pandit)
    7. Karakoram - Climbing through the Kashmir Conflict (by Steve Swenson)
    8. The Magician’s Glass - Character and Fate Eight Essays on Climbing and the Mountain Life
      (by Ed Douglas)
    9. The Climbers (by Jim Herrington)
    10. My Life in Climbing (by Ueli Steck with Karin Steinbach, translated by Billi Bierling)
    11. Only Two for Everest - How a First Ascent by Riddiford and Cotter Shaped Climbing History
      (by Lyn McKinnon)
    12. Beyond the Mountain (by Steve House)
    13. China’s India War Collision Course on the Roof of the World (by Bertil Lintner)
    14. Norton of Everest (by Hugh Norton)
    15. Limits of the Known (by David Roberts)
    16. Strangers No More (by Sanjoy Hazarika)
    17. Virgin on Insanity - Coming of Age on the World’s Toughest Mountains (by Steve Bell)
    18. My Old Man and the Mountain (by Leif Whittaker)
    19. Sabse Uncha Pahad (by Tarun Goel)
    20. Tibet in Agony - Lhasa 1959 (by Jianglin Li)
    21. Short Reviews
  18. In Memoriam
    1. Elizabeth Hawley (1923 - 2018)
    2. Dr. Pravin Shah (1935 - 2017)
    3. Norman Hardie (1924-2017)
    4. Rajinder Sethi (1950 - 2018)
    5. Dr. Vasant N. Desai (1918-2018)
  19. Correspondence
  20. The Himalayan Club Committee 2018
  21. Major Expeditions to the Indian Himalaya 2017
  22. Index
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