The Himalayan Journal Vol. 72, 2017, published

The Himalayan Journal
Vol. 72


  1. Pundit Nain Singh Rawat : Explorer Extraordinaire (Shekhar Pathak)
  2. Mountains and Climbing (Aamir Ali)
  3. A Grand Old Age to be - The Himalayan Club as it pushes 90 (Deepa Balsavar)
  4. Nanga Parbat - The Killer Mountain (Mirella Tenderini)/li>
  5. Himalayas : Black & White (Ashok Dilwali)
  6. Indo-Tibetan Wool Politics (O.C. Handa)/li>
  7. Explorations of Himalayan Wildlife - Mountaineers are Key Stakeholders! (Yash Veer Bhatnagar)
  8. Piolets d’Or - A Short History of the Golden Ice Axe (Bernadette McDonald)
  9. Innovations in Himalayan Tourism (Seema Bhatt)
  10. Himalayan Rest Houses (Harish Kapadia)
  11. The Risk Business - Why Most Mountain Accidents are Avoidable (Martin Moran)
  12. Himalayan Livelihoods in Transformation - The Rolwaling Sherpas on Their Way Into a Globalized World (Ruedi Baumgartner)
  13. Sonamarg - The Mountain Climbing Centre of Kashmir (Brigadier Ashok Abbey)
  14. We are the Pilgrims - Mountain Ranges and Temples of Garhwal (Harish Kapadia)
  15. Aerial Pictures Lhasa-Kathmandu-Chengdu (Tom Nakamura)
  16. A Call to Action : Why aren’t Indians, Alpinists? (Karn Kowshik)
  17. New Species of Blue Poppies from Bhutan (Toshio Yoshida)
  18. The Spiral Kora of Mount Kailash (Wolfgang Wöllmer and Alexey Perchukov)
  19. Expeditions and Notes
    1. In Pursuit of the Unclimbed (Divyesh Muni)
    2. Exploration in the East Karakoram (Derek R Buckle)
    3. Vishnu Were Here - The Vishnu Fortress Expedition, 2016 (Martin Moran)
    4. Pneuma - The First Ascent of the South Face of Brammah II (Jeff Shapiro)
    5. Cho-Oyu Dhaulagiri Expedition (Umesh M Zirpe)
    6. First Ascent of Gupta (Jim Lowther)
    7. A Happy Ascent of Satopanth (Anindya Mukherjee)
    8. The Indian Army Expedition to Thalaysagar (Major Jay Prakash Kumar)
    9. Stunned By Tsum (Lakshmi Ranganathan)
    10. Sersank - The Mick and Vic Reunion (Mick Fowler)
    11. Sundardhunga Khal - The Goddess Keeps Her Secret (George W Rodway and Anindya Mukherjee)
    12. First Ascent of Nangamari II (Tsuneo Shigehiro)
    13. In Search of the Elusive Arwa Col (Avilash Bisht)
    14. Shaking Hands on a High Mountain - An Alpine style attempt on Peak Lenin (Athol Jake Preston and Anindya Mukherjee)
    15. First Ascent of Loinbo Kangri North Face (Kenro Nakajima)
  20. Book Reviews
    1. The Bond (Simon McCartney)
    2. Farewell to Yak And Yeti? The Rolwaling Sherpas Facing a Globalised World (Ruedi Baumgartner)
    3. Illustrated Pursuits : W. S. Sherwill in India - 1834 - 1861 (Ngaire Gardner (Author), Walter Stanhope Sherwill (Illustrator))
    4. Soldier Mountaineer : The Colonel Who Got Siachen Glacier for India (N. Kumar and N. N. Bhatia)
    5. Outlook Trekking in The Himalayas (Harish Kapadia)
    6. Himalayas : Black & White (Ashok Dilwali)
    7. The Pen Y Gwyrd Hotel : Tales from The Smoke Room (Compiled and Edited by Rob Goodfellow, Jonathan Copeland and Peter O’Neill)
    8. The Ghosts of K2 - The Epic Saga of The First Ascent (Mick Conefrey)
    9. One Man’s Everest (Kenton Cool)
    10. White Mountain Real and Imagined Journeys in The Himalayas (Robert Twigger)
    11. Himalaya Adventures, Meditations and Life edited (Ruskin Bond and Namita Gokhale)
    12. Sherpa - The Memoir of Ang Tharkay (Ang Tharkay and Basil P. Norton)
    13. The Inner and Outer Paths of Mt Kailash - Pilgrimage to The Abode of Chakrasamvara (Wolfgang Wollmer)
    14. In The Jungles of The Night - A novel about Jim Corbett (Stephen Alter)
  21. In Memoriam
    1. Pradeep Sahoo
    2. Hari Dang
    3. Lord Chorley
    4. Junko Tabei
    5. Nicholas Clinch
    6. Jim Curren
    7. Warwick M M Deacock Oam
    8. Ken Wilson
    9. Colonel Amit Roy
    10. Goutam Ghosh
    11. Subhas Pal
    12. Paresh Nath
  22. Correspondence
  23. The Himalayan Club Committee 2017
  24. Major Expeditions to the Indian Himalaya 2016
  25. Index
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