The Himalayan Journal Vol. 71, 2016, published

The Himalayan Journal
Vol. 71


  1. My Guru - Tenzing Norgay (Dorjee Lhatoo)
  2. K2 ‘The Savage Mountain’ (Mirella Tenderini)
  3. The Matter of History (Amrita Dhar)
  4. Nanda Devi East - The Unclimbed Ridge (Martin Moran)
  5. The Hidden Paradise - Ryong Kharu Lungpa (Divyesh Muni)
  6. The Curious Case of De Nga (Anindya Mukherjee)
  7. Forbidden South Tibet - Blue Sky Expedition (Tamotsu (Tom) Nakamura)
  8. A Traverse of the Shalang - Poting Col (Martin Moran)
  9. One Fine Autumn - Treks to Two Monasteries (Harish Kapadia)
  10. High Altitude Medicine : A Brief History (George W. Rodway)
  11. The Mountain Peoples of India Photo Project (Praveen Dass)
  12. The Sind Valley of Kashmir (Brigadier Ashok Abbey)
  13. Eastern Rim of Central, South and East Tibet (Tamotsu (Tom) Nakamura)
  14. Two Tremors and a Thwarted Summer (Group Captain V.K. Sashindran)
  15. Journey Through Eastern Garhwal and Jainti Gad Valleys of Garhwal (Partha Pratim Mitra)
  16. Large Mammals of the Himalaya (Photo Feature) (Abhishek Ghoshal & Dipti Humraskar)
  17. Expeditions and Notes
    1. Himalayan Pole Vaulting - A Challenge to Jack Longland’s 1933 Record (Harvey V. Langford, MD)
    2. Exploration and Ascents in Jidege Shan - An Indian Explorer in North West Yunnan (Anindya Mukherjee)
    3. Mustang Expedition, 2014 (Kei Taniguchi)
    4. Two Attempts on Nilkantha (Anne Gilbert Chase)
    5. The Devil Peak - Papsura (Ameet Prabhu)
    6. Kang Yatze III Ascent (Martin Moran)
    7. Raru Mountains, 2015 - Slovenian Climbing Expedition Report (Anastasija Davidova and Matija Jošt)
    8. Hundred and Counting (Mahmood Ahmad Shah)
    9. Spear and Other Peaks in Kishtwar (Stephan Siegrist)
    10. The Korlomshe Tokpo - One of Zanskar’s Hidden Valleys (Derek R Buckle)
    11. First Ascent of P 6070 m (L15) in Zanskar (Shuhei Yoshida)
    12. Unexplored Karakoram 2015 - A British Expedition into the Unknown (Ed Poulter)
    13. The First Ascent of Ta Ri 6330 m - A Joint Expedition to Nyainqentanglha West (Tim (Tatsuo) Inoue)
  18. Book Reviews
    1. Becoming a Mountain (Stephen Alter)
    2. Alpine Warriors (Bernadette McDonald)
    3. In Some Lost Place - The First Ascent of Nanga Parbat’s Mazeno Ridge (Sandy Allan)
    4. The Sunlit Summit (Robin Lloyd-Jones)
    5. Smash and Grab (Sunanda K. Datta-Ray)
    6. Tibet Wild (George B Schaller)
    7. Tilting at Mountains (Edurne Pasaban)
    8. The Great Soul of Siberia (Sooyong Park)
    9. Arunachal (Peter Van Ham)
    10. The Calling (Barry Blanchard)
    11. East of the Himalaya. Alps of Tibet and Beyond - Mountain Peak Maps (Tamotsu Nakamura)
    12. The Maverick Mountaineer (Robert Wainwright)
    13. Hunt for the Buru in NEFA (Ralph Izzard)
    14. In the Land of the Dihing (Jayant Nobis)
    15. Three Years in Cachar (M. J. Wright)
    16. The K2 Man (and His Molluscs) (Catherine Moorehead)
    17. Everest Revealed (edited by Christopher Norton)
    18. The Fight for Everest 1924 (E.F. Norton & Others)
    19. Up and About (Doug Scott)
    20. Reinhold Messner : My Life at the Limit (Interviewed by Thomas Hüetlin (Translated by Tim Carruthers))
  19. In Memoriam
    1. Kamal Kumar Guha
    2. K.S. Lavkumar Khachar
    3. Ashwin Mehta
  20. Correspondence
    • Romesh Bhattacharjee
  21. The Himalayan Club Committee 2016
  22. Major Expeditions to the Indian Himalaya 2015
  23. Index
Cover : Siniolchu seen from Mangan, North Sikkim (Harish Kapadia, 2015)
Back Cover : K2 Staircase and Godwin-Austen glacier (Vittorio Sella 1909)
Frontispiece - Tenzing Norgay (Lhatoo Collection)
Background - Title Page : Two Rope lengths on Tupendo (Thomas Senf)
Background - Contents Page 1 : Clouds over Tholung valley (Dr Kartik Bhagat)
Background - Contents Page 2 & 3 : Choona sar between Aru - Pahalgam (Mahmood Ahmad Shah)

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