The Himalayan Journal Vol. 70, 2015, published

The Himalayan Journal
Vol. 70


  1. Quest for the Bon Manchi: The Wildman of Sikkim (Anindya Mukherjee)
  2. Unknown Arunachal (Amar Deo Singh)
  3. Climbing the Peacock’s Tail (Martin Moran)
  4. The Dhauli Valley, Niti Pass, and Bara Hoti (Harish Kapadia)
  5. The Annapurna Adventure, 1961 (M. S.Kohli)
  6. Exploration of Dhauliganga - Alaknanda Valley (Partha Pratim Mitra)
  7. Nanda Devi East 75 Years On (George Rodway and Anindya Mukherjee)
  8. Indo - German Mukut Parvat Expedition (Group Captain (Retd) Ashutosh Chopra)
  9. In the Quest of Chunsa Khaga (Ashutosh Misra)
  10. Hagshu Northeast Face (Mick Fowler)
  11. Slovenian Expedition to Hagshu 2014 (Luka Lindi?)
  12. Two Walks in the Kishtwar (Harish Kapadia and Amrita Dhar)
  13. Lolab - the Hidden Himalayan Valley (Brigadier Ashok Abbey)
  14. From Rassa to Sumur (Divyesh Muni)
  15. The Himalayan Career of Robert Dove Leakey (Stephen A. Craven)
  16. The Himalayan Wildlife (Photo Feature) (Abhishek Ghoshal)
  17. Expeditions and Notes
    1. Himalayan Insects Indicate Climate Change (Peter Smetacek)
    2. South Simvu: Kangchenjunga’s Last Kept Secret (Anindya Mukherjee)
    3. British Expedition to Januhut (Simon Yearsley)
    4. Shivling South Face (Nathan Opp)
    5. Exploration of The Canyons, Ravines and Mountains of Northeastern Spiti (Derek R. Buckle)
    6. The First Ascent of Pyagski Peak (6090 M) 2014 (Kazuo Hoshi)
    7. Telthop 2014 (Chris Horobin)
    8. First Ascent of Unnamed Peak (6184 M) in South Zanskar (Rajeev Mondal)
    9. Rupsu Across Yangzi Diwan Pass (Tapan Pandit)
    10. Kishtwar Trio (Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Senf and Dres Abegglen)
    11. Climb of Sonam Ri (Stéphane Schaffter)
    12. Lungmochey Kangri (Andy Selters)
    13. UK - US Himachal Pradesh Expedition (Paul Swienton)
  18. Book Reviews
    1. One Day as a Tiger (John Porter)
    2. Far, Far The Distant Peak (Stewart Hawkins)
    3. Statement: The Ben Moon Story (Ed Douglas)
    4. Everest 1953. The Epic Story of the First Ascent (Mick Conefrey)
    5. The Great Himalaya Trail. 1700 Kilometres across the Roof of the World (Gerda Pauler)
    6. Mountains in my Heart : A Passion for Climbing (Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner)
    7. Everest : The First Ascent. How a Champion of Science helped to Conquer the Mountain (Harriet Tuckey)
    8. Hanging On (Martin Boysen)
    9. Higher Ground. A Mountain Guide’s Life (Martin Moran)
    10. Climbing Ramabang (Gerry Galligan)
    11. Chasing the Phantom (Eduard Fischer)
    12. Lure of the Mountains: The Life of Bentley Beetham, 1924 Everest Expedition Mountaineer (M. D. Lowes)
    13. The K2 Man (and his Molluscs) - The Extraordinary Life of Haversham Godwin Austen (Catherine Moorehead)
    14. Last Hours on Everest (Graham Hoyland)
    15. The Black Hill (Mamang Dai)
    16. The Trails Less Travelled - Trekking the Himachal Himalaya (Avay Shukla)
    17. Sikkim - Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom (Andrew Duff)
    18. Brahmaputra and the Assam Valley (Ranjita Biswas)
  19. In Memoriam
    1. Dr Johannes de Villiers Graaff
    2. John Tyson, OBE, MC
  20. Correspondence
    • Prabhat Kumar Ganguli
  21. The Himalayan Club Committee 2015
  22. Index
Cover : Climbing Shiepra peak in Kishtwar. (Stephan Siegrist)
Back Cover : Trekking in Sar Di valley, Arunachal Pradesh. (Amar Deo Singh)
Frontispiece : Final pitch to summit looking down Rama glacier to Panch Chuli. (Martin Moran)
Title Page: The Greater Spurge Hawkmoth (Hyles nicae lathyrus) a widespread Palearctic species. (Peter Smetacek)
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