Announcement of Jagdish Nanavati Awards for 2014

Jagdish Nanavati Garud Medal
Jagdish Nanavati Garud Medal for the year 2014 was presented to Ringzen Ladakhi, a living legend, for exemplary service to mountaineers in 1960s and 70s. He was the backbone of all early explorations and climbed in the Manali area - The Himalayan Club is proud to honour him for the exemplary services rendered by him to Mountaineering expeditions.

His role in serving members on such trips has led to many a successful expedition.

Now 83 years old and living in Manali he was unable to come in person to receive the award. Mr. Rajesh Gadgil while receiving the medal on his behalf paid him glowing tributes calling him a mentor to young mountaineers.

Jagdish Nanavati Excellence in Mountaineering Award
The Jagdish Nanavati Award for Excellence in Mountaineering for the year 2014 has been awarded to the successful Rassa Glacier Expedition 2014. This exploratory expedition to the Eastern Karakoram in 2014 was led by Mr. Divyesh Muni. The team comprised of Ms. Vineeta Muni, Mr. Rajesh Gadgil and Mr. Atin Sathe. The expedition was successful in making the first ascent of two peaks - Tusuhm Kangri - 6219 m and Rassa Kangri - 6250 m The team also visited the Shukpa pass (6110 m), West Rassa la (5930 m) and crossed the East Rassa la (6000 m) into Sumur nala. detailed report of the expedition is available on the website...