The Himalayan Club expedition to Rassa Glacier was presented the IMF Award for Excellence in Mountaineering


On Saturday the 8th of November the Indian Mountaineering Foundation ( IMF ) announced winners of IMF Climbing Awards for the year 2014.

Through the Climbing Awards the IMF would like to recognize exceptional climbing by Indian mountaineering expeditions and outstanding exploratory treks. The IMF would like to encourage technical and alpine style climbing in mountaineering expeditions as well as exploration across the Himalaya. Apart from excellence in climbing, award winners are expected to show importance to areas like ethics and ecology on an expedition reinforcing that the journey is as important as getting to the destination. Another requirement is expedition reporting which needs to be precise, accurate as well as include maps, coordinates and photographs.

The IMF Climbing Award 2014 for Excellence in Mountaineering in the Self Supported Category was given to the Himalayan Club’s Expedition to Rassa Glacier (J&K ) for the explorations of the glaciers and doing two first ascents above 6000 M. The expedition in July - August 2014 extensively explored the Rassa Glacier and its subsidiaries, climbed two peaks - 6219 m (Tusuhm Kangri) and Peak 6250 m (Rassa Kangri) The team also visited the Shukpa pass (6110 m) and West Rassa la (5930 m) and crossed the East Rassa la (6000 m) into Sumur nala.