Kim Schmitz (1946-2016)

Kim Schmitz a long time climbing partner of John Roskelly died in a car accident while driving to Spokane, Washington, USA. His long time climbing partner and friend John Roskelley said,

"Kim loved the simplicity of trekking and time travel through the Asian cultures he so much admired. He seemed much more at peace with himself on the trail, and the more remote the better. Once on the climb, though, his intensity was fierce and focused. It was Kim's Yin and Yang; the joy of living life fully, yet continuing to look death in the eye."

Kim Schmitz had climbed with John Roskelley. To his credit, he had the first ascent of Trango Tower (6286m) and Uli Bihao (6109m) in Karakoram. He was part of the team which made the first ascent of Gaurishnaker (7181m) in 1979. He participated in a 300 km ski traverse of Karakoram with Galen Rowell. Last year he received the American Alpine Club’s Robert and Miriam Underhill award for a lifetime of contribution to climbing.