Ian McNaught-Davis (1929-2014)

Ian McNaught-Davis, Mac to his friends, was an Honorary Member of the Himalayan Club. He had a long association with the club, participating in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Club. He released the book by K N Naoroji; Himalayan Vignettes. He was a regular visitor to India. We undertook a few visits to the lower Himalaya with his wife Loreto. He was an captivating story-teller and one can spend hours listening to him about his vast experience.

He started as a leading rock climber and till old age he was climbing at good standards. His greatest achievement in climbing was to make the first ascent of Muztagh Tower [7,276 m] with Joe Brown, John Hartog and Tom Patey in 1956. Mac became well known to the British public as presenter on the televised climb of the Old Man of Hoy and later when climbing for television up the Eiffel Tower with Lionel Terray. He was a superb raconteur entertaining audiences and guests at climbing events and dinners.

Mac entered the world stage when became President of the UIAA [International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation] from 1995-2004. It was during these years that some of us from the Himalayan Club came to associate with him as we met at several meetings and where he stood his ground but at the same was ready to accommodate the views of the Asian world, where all the higher ranges were situated.

Suffering illness for past three years, he passed away peacefully at his London home on 10th February 2014.

Rest In Peace.