Himalayan Journal vol.02
The Himalayan Journal

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Kenneth Mason
    (PAUL BAUER.*)
    (DR. A. M. HERON.)
    (L. R. FAWCUS)
  5. THE SHYOK FLOOD, 1929
    (J. P. GUNN)
    (LIEUT. J. B. P. ANGWIN.)
    (DR. E. F. NEVE.)
    (LIEUT. D. M. BURN.)
    (W. E. BUCHANAN)
    (H. M. GLOVER.)
    (Captain J. BARRON.)
    (Captain A. A. RUSSELL.)
  16. NOTES


Books added to the Library.

(1st February 1929-1st February 1930.)

Author. Title. Presented by Classification.
Abraham, G. D. First Steps to Climbing. Purchased. Mountaineering.
Adair, F. E. S. .. A Summer in High Asia. Do. Shooting.
Ahmad Shah Pictures of Tibetan Life Do. Tibet.
Alpine Club .. Journals Noa. 21 to 28, 29 to 36, 93 to 100. Do. Mountaineering.
Do. Do. No. 89. School of Geography, Oxford. Do.
Do. Do. Nos. 219, 222, 223. Col. H. Wood. Do.
Anderson, 0. W. .. To the Pindari Glacier. Purchased. Central Himalaya.
Austin, H. H. With Macdonald in Uganda. Kenneth Mason. World-wide.
Baker, E. C. Stuart Indian Ducks and their Allies. Col. R. H, Phillimore. Birds.
Bairnsfather, P. R. Sport and Nature in the Himalayas. Purchased. Shooting.
Ball, John Peaks, Passes and Glaciers. Do. Mountaineering.
Bamber, C. J. Plants of the Punjab. W. E. Buchanan. Botany.
Blatter, E. Beautiful Flowers of Kashmir. Purchased. Do.
Bombay Natural History Society Journals, Vol. XX, 2, o. .Col. R. H. Phillimore. Natural History.
Do. Do. Vols. XXVI to XXXIII. Dr. A. M. Heron. Do.
Boulger, D. C. Central Asian Questions. Purchased. Central Asia.
Boulnois, H. M. Into Little Tibet. Do. Western Himalaya.
Bridges, F. H. Report on the Shingshal Glaciers, 1908. Kenneth Mason. Do.
Brinkman, A. The Rifle in Cashmere. Purchased. Shooting.
Botanical Survey of India Records, Vol. IV, No. 5. Col. R. H. Phillimore. Botany.
Brooke, Geoffrey The Way of a Man with a Horse. The Statesman. Sports.
Brown, Percy Tours in Sikkim. Purchased. N. E. Frontier.
Bruce, C. G. Twenty Years in the Himalayas. " Do. Western Himalaya.
Burrard, Gerald Notes on Sporting Rifles. Do. Shooting.
Burslem, Rollo A Peep into Toorkistan. Purchased. Western Asia.
Cable and French Through Jade Gate and Central Asia. Major A. E. B. Parsons. Central Asia.
Cadell, I. M. Diary of a March from Simla to Leh. Author. Central Himalaya.
Carey, William Travel and Adventure in Tibet. Purchased. Tibet.
Collett, Sir Henry Flora Simlensis. Do. Botany.
Collie, J. N. Climbing on the Himalaya. Do. Mountaineering.
Colthurst, Ida Familiar Flowering Trees. Do. Botany.
Conway, W. M. Climbing and Exploration in the Bolivian Andes. Do. World-wide.
Do. Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram Himalayas. Do. Mountaineering.
Do. Mountain Memories. Do. Do.
Cook, F. A. To the Top of the Continent. Do. Do.
Coventry, B. 0. Wild Flowers of Kashmir. Author. Botany.
Cox, E. H. M. Farrer's Last Journey. Major A. E. B. Parsons. Do.
Crump, Mrs. A. A Ride to Leh. Purchased. Western Himalaya.
Cumberland, C.S. Sport on the Pamirs. Do. Shooting.
Cunningham and Abney The Pioneers of the Alps. Col. G. J, Ellioombe Mountaineering.
Curzon, Lord Tales of Travel. Purchased. Western Asia.
Dasent, W. B. The Story of Burnt Njal. Do. World-wide.
Davy, Gypsy Himalayan Letters. Do. Western Himalaya.
Dewar, Douglas A bird Calender for North India. Do. Birds.
Do. Himalayan and Kashmiri Birds. Do. Do.
Digby, Williams Nepal and India. Do. Nepal.
Dodsworth, P. T. L. Mammals found in Simla District. A. E. Jones. Natural History.
Dugmore, A. R. The Wondered of Big Game. Purchased. Do.
Duncan, J. E. A Summer Ride through Western Tibet. Do. Western Himalaya.
Dunlop, R. H. W. Hunting in the himalaya. Do. Shooting.
Durand, A. The Making of a Frontier. Col. R.H. Phillimore. Western Himalaya.
Eckenstein, 0. The Karakorams and Kashmir. Purchased. Do.
Edwards, W. Reminiscences of a Bengal Civilian. Do. India and Himalaya.
Evans. W. H. The Identification of Indian Butterflies. Author. Zoology.
Do. The Genus Mycolesis (Lepidoptera). Do. Do.
Ferrier, J. P. Caravan Journeys and Wanderings. Capt. A. E. Armitage. Western Asia.
Filchner, W. My Central Asian Expedition. Author. Tibet.
Do. Om Mane Padme hum. Do. Do.
Finch, G. I. The Making of a Mountaineer. Purchased. Mountaineering.
Finn, Frank The Game Birds of Indian and Asia. Do. Birds.
Fitch and Smith Illustration of the British Flora. Do. Botany.
Forbes, H. F. G. The Road from Simla to Shipki. Do. Central Himalaya.
Forrester, J. C. A Four-Weeks Tramp through the Himalayas (Pindari Glacier) Do. Do.
Freeman, L. R. On the Roof of the Rockies. Do. Mountaineering.
Freshfield, D. W. Below the Snow-line. Author. Mountaineering.
" Ganpat" .. The Road to Lamaland. Purchased. Western Himalaya.
Gardner, A. The Art and Sport of Alpine Photography. Do. Mountaineering,
Gerard, Alexander Account of Koonawar. Do. Central Hima laya.
Gore, St, John A Tour to the Pindari Glacier. Do. Do.
Gregory, J. W. and C. J. In the Alps of Chinese Tibet. Do. Eastern Asia.
Grey, Zane Tales of Freshwater Fishing. The Statesman. Fishing.
Gribble, F. ThevStory of Alpine Climbing. Purchased. ing. Mountaineering,
Harrop, F. B. Thacker's New Guide o Simla. Do. Central Himalaya.
Hasan, Hadi A History of Persian Navigation. The Statesman. Western Asia,
Haughton, H. L. Sport and Folklore in the Himalaya. Purchased. Shooting.
Hayden and Cosson Sport and Travel in the Highlands of Tibet. Do. Tibet,
Heber, A. R. and K. M. In Himalayan Tibet. Do. Do.
Hedin, Sven Trans Himalaya. Capt. J. W. Rundall. Do.
Heron, A. M. Geological Results of the Mt. Everest Reconnaissance Expedition. Author. Geology.
Hindlip, Lord Sport and Travel in Abyssinia. Kenneth Mason. Shooting.
Hooker, J. D. A Sketch of the Flora of British India. Purchased. Botany.
Do. Himalayan Journals. Do. N. E. Frontier.
Hornby. E. Mountaineering Records. Do. Mountaineering.
Howard-Bury, C. K. Mt, Everest: The Reconnaissance. DO Do.
Hume and Oates . The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds. Do. Birds.
Hutchimon, H. N. The Story of the Hills. Do. Geology.
Huxley, L. Life and Letters of Sir J. D. Hooker. Do. Botany.
Irby, A. H. The Diary of a Hunter. Do. Western Himalaya,
Jacquemont, V. Letters from India. Do. India and Himalaya,
Jenkins, Lady Sport and Travel in both Tibets. Do. Tibet.
Jones, A. E. List of birds found in Simla Hills. Author. Birds.
Do. Nightjars of the Simla Hills. Do. Do.
Kawaguchi, Shramana Ekai. Three Years in Tibet. Purchased. Tibet.
Kennion, R. L. Sport and Life in the Further Himalaya. Do. Shooting. .
Kittenberger, K. Big Game Hunting and Collecting. The Statesman. Do.
Koenismark, H. Von The Markhor. Purchased. Do.
A Lady Pioneer The Indian Alps. Do. N. E. Frontier.
Landor, A. H. S. Tibet and Nepal. Do. Tibet.
Le Blond, Mrs, A. Adventures on the Roof of the World. Do. Mountaineering,
Do. True Tales of Mountain Adventure. Do. Do
Le Coq, A. Von Buried Treasures of Chinese Turkistan. The Statesman Central Asia.
Lefroy, H. Maxwell Indian Insect Life. W. E. Buchanan. Natural History.
Lockhart and Woodthorpe The Gilgit-Chitral Mission. Kenneth Mason. Western Himalaya.
Luard, John Views in India. Purchased. India and Himalaya.
Lydekker, R. The Game Animals of India. (Unknown.) Natural History.
Macintyre, D. Hindu Koh. Purchased. Shooting.
Mackintosh, L. J. Birds of Darjeeling and India. Do. Birds,
MacGillivray, W. Alexander von Humboldt. Do. World-wide.
Markham, Fred Shooting in the Himalayas. Do. Shooting.
Mason, Kenneth Exploration of the Shaksgam Valley (Records, Survey of India, Volume XXII). Surveyor-General. Survey of India.
Do. The Representation of Glaciated Regions on Maps. Do. Geology and Geophysics.
Masson, Kenneth Routes in Western Himalaya (2nd Ed.) Surveyor-General Western Himalaya.
McCormick, A. D. An Artist in the Himalayas. Purchased. Do.
McCallum, Capt. D China to Chelsea. Messrs. Ernest Benn. Eastern Asia.
Meinertzhagen, R. Some Biological Problems. Author Birds.
Do. Birds collected in Ladak and Sikkim. Do. Do.
Merzbaeher, G. The Central Tienshan Mountains Purchased. Central Asia.
Morden, W. J. Across Asia's Snows and Deserts. Author. Do.
Mountaineer (Wilson) A Summer Ramble in the Himalayas. Purchased. India and Himalaya.
Mumm, A. L. Five Months in the Himalayas. Do. Do.
Mundy, Capt. Pen and Pencil Sketches. Do. Do.
Murray-Aynsley, J. C. A Three-Months Tour from Simla. Do. Central Himalaya.
Neve, Arthur Picturesque Kashmir Do. Western Himalaya.
Neve, Dr. E. A Crusader in Kashmir. Author. Do.
Newall, D. J. F. The Highlands of India, strategically considered. Purchased. India and Himalaya.
Do. The Highlands of India; field sport and travel. Do. Do.
Oates, E. W. Birds (Fauna of British India).. Do. Birds.
Old Indian (J. F. Wyman) From Calcutta to the Snowy Range Do. India and Himalaya.
Olufsen, O. Through the Unknown Pamirs. Do. Central Asia.
Osmaston, B. B. Bird Life in Gulmarg. Author. Birds.
Do. Bird Notes in Kashmir. Do. Do.
Ossendowski, F. Men and Mystery in Asia. Purchaed. Central Asia. .

Do. Do.

Palgrave, W. G. Central and Eastern Arabia. Do. Western Asia.
Parker, R. N. A Forest Flora for the Punjab. Do. Botany.
Petrocokino, A. Cashmere. Three weeks in a houseboat. Do. Western Himalaya.
Raeburn, Harold Mountaineering Art. Do. Mountaineering.
Raverty, H. G. The Fables of Aesop Al-Hakim. Punjab Government. World-wide.
Roosevelt, Theodore and Kermit East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Purchased. Central Asia.
Do. Trailing the Giant Panda. Authors. Eastern Asia.
Rundall, L. B. The Ibex of the Sha-ping Purchased. Natural History.
de Saussures, H. B Voyages dans les Alpes. Capt. A. E. Armitage. World-wide.
Shakespear, H. Wild Sports of India. Purchased. Shooting.
" Silver Hackle " Indian Jungle Lore and the Rifle. Thacker, Spink & Co. Do.
" Skene Dhu " The Angler in India. Purchased. Fishing.
Sleen, W. G. N. van der Four Months' Camping in the Himalaya. Philip Allan & Co. Central Himalaya.
Skrine, C. P. Chinese Central Asia. Author. Central Asia.
Smythe, F. S. Climbs and Ski Runs. Do. Mountaineering.
Starr, L. A. Tales of Tirah and Lesser Tibet. Purchased. India and Himalaya.
Stebbing, E. P. Stalks in the Himalaya. Do. Shooting.
Stein, Aurel Alexander's Campaign Author. Western Himalaya.
Do. On Alexander's Tracks to the Indus Do. Do.
Do. Ancient Geography of Kasmir. Surveyor- General. Do.
Do. An Archaeological Tour with the Buner Field Force. Punjab Government Do.
Do. A Chinese Expedition. Author Central Asia.
Do. Innermost Asia : Its Geography as a Factor in History. Do. Do.
Do. Marco Polo's Account of a Mongol Inroad. Do. Western Himalaya.
Author. Title. Presented by Classification.
Stockley, C. H. Big Game Shooting in the Indian Empire. Author. Shooting.
Do. Shikar. The Statesman. Do.
Stone, S. J. In and Beyond the Himalayas. Purchased. Western Himalaya,
Swinburne, T. R. .. A Holiday in the Happy Valley. Do. Do.
Sykes, E. and P. .. Through Deserts and Oases of Central Asia. Do. Central Asia.
Taverner, E. Trout-Fishing from all Angles. The Statesman. Fishing.
Taylor, Neville Ibex Shooting on the Himalayas. Purchased. Shooting.
Temple, R. Journals kept in Hyderabad, etc. Do. India and Himalaya.
Thomas, H. S. The Rod in India. Capt. J. W. Rundall. Fishing.
Turner, Samuel My Climbing Adventures in Four Continents. Purchased. Mountaineering.
Tyacke, R. In Quest of Game in Kulu. Do. Shooting.
Do. Fish and Fishing in Kulu. Do. Fishing.
Wall, F. Poisonous Terrestial Snakes. Do. Natural History.
Ward, A. E. The Mammals and Birds of Kashmir. Do. Do.
Ward, F. Kingdon The Mystery Rivers of Tibet. Do. N. E. Frontier.
Do. The Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges. Author. Tibet.
Do. The Romance of Plant Hunting. Purchased. Eastern Asia.
Ward, Rowland Records of Big Game. Do. Shooting.
Do. The Sportsman's Handbook. Authors. Do.
Warner, Langdon The Long Old Road in China. Purchased. Eastern Asia.
Whistler, Hugh In the High Himalayas. Do. Central Himalaya.
Do. Note on the Birds of Spiti. Author. Birds.
Do. Birds of the Kangra District. Do. Do.
Do. Birds of Lahul. Do. Do.
Do. Birds of Jhang District. Do. Do.
Do. Birds of Kulu. Do. Do.
Do. Some Birds observed at Fagoo. Do. Do.
Do. Contribution to Ornithology of Kashmir Do. Do.
Do. Further Notes on Birds about Simla. Do. Do.
White, G. F. Views, chiefly in the Himalayas. Purchased. India and Himalaya.
Whymper, E. Travels amongst the Great Andes of the Equator. Capt. A. E. Armitage. Mountaineering.
Wilson, Alban Trout-Fishing in Kashmir. Purchased. Fishing.
Wilson, Andrew The Abode of Snow. Capt. J. W. Rundall. India and Himalaya.
Wilson, Claude Mountaineering. Purchased. Mountaineering.
Wolff, Eev. J. Bokhara. Do. Western Asia.
Workman, F. B. and W. H. Peaks and Glaciers of the Nun Kun. Do. Mountaineering.
Do. Two Summers in the Ice-Wilds of the Eastern Karakoram. Capt. J. W. Rundall. Do.
Young, G. Winthrop On High Hills. Mrs. L. A. Pattinson. Do.
Younghusband, F. The Heart of Nature. Purchased. India and Himalaya.
Do Pekin to Lhasa. Capt. J. W. Rundall.
Do Wonders of the Himalaya. Do. Western Himalaya.
The following photographs have been presented to the Club mostly from the exhibition of 1928.

10 photographs of Hunza and Chinese Pamirs C. P. Skrine.

14 Switzerland .. N. A. Tombazi.

10 Sikkim .. .. N. A. Tombazi.

4 Muztagh .. .. Kenneth Mason.

2 Dharmsala .. .. E. St. J. Birnie.

6 Kulu and Leh .. I. M. Cadell.

1 water colour painting, Trisul .. Miss G. E. Benham.

The following periodicals are now being received in the Library, mostly in exchange with the Himalayan Journal.

The Alpine Journal.

The American Alpine Journal.

The Annual of the Mountain Club of South Africa.


Bolletino della Reale Societa Geografica Italiana.

Bulletin of Appalachian Mountain Club.

Cambridge Mountaineering.

L'Echo des Alpes.

The Geographical Journal.

Geographical Review (New York).

La Geographie.



The Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society.

(Journal of the Japanese Alpine Club) Sangaku.

Journal of the United Service Institution of India.

Ladies' Alpine Club Year Book.

Quarterly Journal of the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical

Society of India.

La Montagne.

Revue de Geographie Alpine (Grenoble).

Scottish Geographical Magazine.

Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal.

Ski Club of India Annual.

Le Yie d Italia.

Yorkshire Ramblers Club Journal.

Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde zu Berlin.

R. H. Phillimore.

Sketch map of Sikkim

Sketch map of Sikkim

Sketch Map of Northern India

Sketch Map of Northern India