The Himalayan club is involved in several activities described in the section with the same name. However, in addition to the several areas where the club contributes regularly to Himalayan climbing, the club also has the following financial grants available for the purposes described below :

The Kesarbai Kilachand Fund and Grindlays Bank Mountaineering Scholarship (GBMS)

The Kesarbai Kilachand Fund is based on the income of a grant of Rs. 50,000/- donated by our member Mr. Tanil Kilachand. The income from this is utilized to sponsor deserving candidates for training courses in recognised mountaineering or for suitable expeditions. The GBMS is based on a grant from Grindlays Bank and is utilized for the same purpose as the Kesarbai Kilachand Fund.


  1. The Scholarships will be called " Grindlays Bank Mountain Scholarship".
  2. The Scholarships will be awarded -
    a) For the purpose of training at any recognized mountaineering institute in India.
    b) To give assistance to individuals for exploration, study (ecological, zoological, botanical, geological or sociological), or climbing in the Himalaya and adjoining mountain ranges.
  3. Application for ski courses conducted by recognized institute will be considered if the same is preceded by a mountaineering training course undergone by the applicant.
  4. The scholarships will be open to deserving persons between the ages of 18 and 45 years. In accordance with the current Foreign Exchange Regulations, the 'Scholarship' could be awarded only to Indian Nationals resident in India.
  5. Persons desiring to take advantage of scholarship should apply on the prescribed form to the Honorary Secretary, The Himalayan Club, P.O. Box 1905, Bombay - 400 001.
  6. Application should be made 90 days before the date commencement of the training programme or the project as the case may be. This time limit may be relaxed at the discretion of the Committee.
  7. An application must be recommended by an Ordinary Member of at least three years' standing and supported by the Honorary Local Secretary of the Himalayan Club, or any other Officer of the Club.
  8. A training scholarship will be of Rs.1500/- or the amount of the training fees at the recognized institute, whichever is lower. The Managing Committee will decide the quantum of the grant for projects under Rule 2 (b).
  9. Every person to whom a Scholarship is awarded shall, within four weeks of completing the course or project submit to the honorary secretary of the Himalayan Club, the receipts for payments made together with the course Report by the institute or the project report as the case may be. The amount of scholarship will be payable only after the submission of these papers.
All applications for scholarships will be considered by the Managing Committee or a Sub-Committee duly appointed by it. The decision of the Managing Committee / Sub-Committee will be final.

Rules for Grant of Sponsorship to an Expedition

  1. The Club may Grant sponsorship to any expedition/ project organized by a member/associate to Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush.
  2. The application for Sponsorship should be sent to the Hon. Secretary, The Himalayan Club, Bombay, with recommendation of an Hon. Local Secretary or Office-bearer of the Club.
  3. The application should be made on a prescribed form containing -
  4. a) Detailed plan of the venture;
    b) Estimated income and expenditure;
    c) Names and addresses of members of the expedition together with their qualifications and experience.
    The expedition should be led by a member / associate of the Club and preferably, two more members of the team should also be members / associates of the club.
  5. The application should be forwarded at least four months before the commencement of the expedition.
  6. The decision of the Managing Committee will be communicated to the leader within two months of receipt of the application. The decision of the Managing Committee will be final.
  7. i) By granting sponsorship the Club doses not accept any responsibility of organization
    or administration connected with the expedition. Granting any commitment financial or any other nature.
    ii) The club does not accept any liability whatsoever to pay compensation arising out of death, injury or damage either to any member or porter or pack animal of the sponsored expedition, or to any third party, on account of loss of cash, equipment, stores, etc.
  8. The leader of the expedition shall submit a preliminary report within 10 days of the return of the expedition and a final detailed report together with photographs, as early as possible, but not later than three months after the returns.
  9. All expeditions, which apply for sponsorship, have to abide by the above rules. The rules may be changed or added to by the Managing Committee at their sole discretion and without notice.
  10. Audited accounts (Statement of Income & Expenditure) of the sponsorship expedition shall be submitted to the Club within six months of the return of the expedition.